The Fassbender Force is Strong Here

Michael Fassbender Shirtless on The Hollywood Reporter

The powerful Fassbender force is sweeping across Hollywood, and what better way to complement his film “Shame” with a risque photoshoot? To be honest I prefer to indulge him with a slightly longer head of hair ala “Fish Tank“, but when you get these striptease shots from The Hollywood Reporter, one cannot complain. Well done whoever came up with this idea. Having said that, they really shouldn’t make that ‘scanning magazine pages with my first scanner’ effect with the image above. It’s not fair to Fassy’s hotness.

Michael Fassbender Shirtless on The Hollywood Reporter

Michael Fassbender Shirtless on The Hollywood Reporter

  • John Conners

    You leave his hair alone. The short hair completes the look of gringe but not too gringe, manly but not too manly, fit but not too fit. It is the perfect compliment to the perfect speciman of the gender. It makes him the perfect ‘popsicle.’

  • Tom

    See the film for some even greater shots…and believe me he is greater in some parts of his body. One hot man (chest hair or not) looks like thick pubes in the film!!

  • Holt

    Just saw Haywire and he was quite generous in the shirtless department as well… yum yum!

    Off topic: what’s a fass and why does it need bending? XD

  • Catch22

    @ Holt: Fass is German for Barrel and a Fassbinder is someone who makes barrels (yes his name is spelled FassbEnder, but many names go centuries back, when older versions of German were spoken and therefore there can be differences to words and spellings used nowadays).

    To be on topic again: when I watched A Dangerous Method he took my breath away whenever he appeared, he is so incredibly gorgeous. And at the Golden Globes when he was biting his finger *rawr*

  • BADKarma

    The things I would do with Mr. Fassbender would make doves cry. Just sayin’.

  • Joe

    I totally see why this guy is so huge now – teehee.
    I love the fact that he’s not all about muscles but still gets to be so very charming and sexy. kinda gives me hope, since I’m the slim type as well.


  • Mckey

    You’re absolutely right!He looks so much better with longer hair!Having a short hair is making him looks a lot older and I prefer the young version!He is like David Beckham!Age is not kind with them! 🙁

  • Jasper

    OMG the first three pics gave me a hard on.

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