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James Wolk Shirtless in Shameless

It takes a lot to stand out from a bunch of hot shirtless guys, and that is exactly what James Wolk and his elegantly trimmed chest did to me. Taking the hairy baton from Justin Chatwin in this week’s episode of “Shameless” he needs to do this a lot more to get me start watching. That being said, after a period of drought, 2 years to be exact – seeing James in a pair of boxers is like a breath of fresh air to my libido. Yes, more of this please – the future of humanity depends on it!

James Wolk Shirtless in Shameless

James Wolk Shirtless in Shameless

James Wolk Shirtless in Shameless

Doesn’t hurt to slip some William H. Macy does it?

William H. Macy Shirtless in Shameless

William H. Macy Shirtless in Shameless

  • Mike

    Simply awesome.

  • Mark

    Gorgeous. Fell in lust with James on “Lone Star.” Glad he’s got so many jobs lined up.

    But what I wouldn’t give to see his pelt fully grown. Oh my.

  • leo sousa

    love that chest those plaid boxers and those hungry man pitts love to eat all day

  • jer

    Ditto, Mark, Ditto! I was so pissed when LoneStar got cancelled. I’ve been wondering where he’s been. 🙂 Now I really need Showtime.

  • Servonut

    Wonderful, WONDERFUL pictorials! Makes me wish I had showtime.
    Any fans of Happy Endings will be pleased to know Mr. Wolk will be guesting on the valentine’s day episode as Max’s (Adam Pally, a very handsomely cubby guy who’s tighty whitties scene a few weeks ago should have been featured here) ex boyfriend.

  • Scott

    Okay 1) How did James Wolk actually get hotter?!?

    2) Not complaining. Just an observation. But you’d never see bodies like this on the BBC version of this series. Nobody looked like they’d ever seen the inside of a gym. Again, not a complaint…

  • JuanCarlos

    pure hairy perfection!!!!!

  • I agree! So sexy in those boxers!!! What a chest!!!! Wish I was lucky enough to have him walking around my kitchen with a cup of coffee!!!

  • theroosez

    The man is absolutely delicious. I’m with Scott on this one. HOW did he get hotter than he already was?!! Yum.

  • What a hunk! Not complaining about William either.

  • Milton

    I want to be in a James Wolk/Justin Chatwin sandwich! And is it ok to ask who’s the ginger half-falling out of their trunks in the pool scene?

  • anon


    He is barely 18

  • Joe

    That was so great to watch, and it is a shame, indeed, that this guy hasn’t been on TV all this time. You should look up the sex-in-the-park scene, by the end of the same episode, then we’ll talk about breath-taking.
    It’s also amazing the amount of shirtlessness provided in this season of Shameless, it’s been a man-skin festival every week, can’t complain. You know, SH, you should really consider watching Shameless – not only for the hot fellas [sucha plus, I may add], but it’s one of the best shows on air today, in my humble opinion.
    That said, thanks again for these precious pics.


  • WMassGuy

    YUM! I would have sent that kid outside to play and had his boxers on the floor in two seconds!

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  • bo_s

    I just watched the Happy Ending’s episode Servonut was talking about. He’s so swoon-worthy!!

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  • Mikey mike

    Loved him on Happy Endings last week as the gay boyfriend.
    The chest fur is nice.

  • Rapha

    I’d love wake up next him everyday and then make hot morning sex.

  • Jennifer Meyer

    Wake up next to that….yeah but,you’d have to go to sleep first. Like that would happen!!! Sleep would be the furthest thing from my mind!!!!!! Eat, sleep, and breath this man!!! Pretty close to perfection as far as I can tell. I’d definetely have no problem checking it out!!!!!!! Whew!!!!!

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