Undiscovered Hotness: Lindsay Farris

Lindsay Farris

Very Adam Garcia-esque no? At times, you find a picture that you can’t stop staring at. B Australian gory flick “Primal” was on screen the other day and while I’ve only watched the first half (like most gory films with hot guys in them), trolling its IMDB page has united me with this cuter than cute photo. Call me easy to please, but I think I’ve looked at this for a good 5 minutes before finding out who he was. The name is Lindsay Farris, and he’s working his way up the Hollywood food chain. Here’s a tip, two words – David DeCoteau. That’s the only ticket up!

Lindsay Farris

  • Velvet

    FIRST! I totally agree with you Square! I can’t stop staring! @.@

  • Jim

    So true!

  • QCNiceGuy

    I see chest hair peeking out of some of those pictures! Totally drool-worthy!

  • bo_s

    cute face: check
    scruff: check
    brunette: check
    hazel-green eyes: check
    australian: check

    what more do I need?

  • lordy

    i like his angular jaw…it would look so good swallowing me

  • rupertbare69

    Like so many Aussie guys CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not just saying that because Sydney was my birth city, either, BUT having said that, the streets of Syders arecrawling with HOT specimens……

  • DoverDavid

    Oh yeah, I can work with what he’s got!

  • Rob-Bear

    He kinda reminds me of that James Wolk guy

  • Josh

    Wow – this one’s quite fuckin sexy! That first picture is amazing!

    Would love to see more of that, on all aspects of the matter!

  • DavidFlowers

    Lindsay Farris is not only handsome, sexy and slightly furry, he looks also tall, and i’d bet very well hung,too. And, uncut… yum!
    On another level, he’s very classy, and sort of clever looking:
    In fact, I strongly disagree with the site’s Host comment about Lindsay, looking like Adam Garcia (who’s never gonna happen,I’m afraid,nor, I’d ever thought he would!), and, especially on his ‘advice’ on How to conquer Hollywood!
    David DeCoteau??? Sorry, I don’t wanna be mean,now,or rude, but:
    Do you really think that working with DeCoteau, would be a good way to start, for a classy and new sexy actor?
    Man, I don’t even think I can call that garbage, ‘real movies’.
    And, i love Horrors and Cult Cinema, please do not get me wrong,they always offer a vehicle and exposure for new talent or even come back’s, but, honestly, not with those ‘products’.. I mean, How can somebody watch 2 hours of very low budget nonsense,with shaved boys, wearing speedo’s, while, passively making out, with one another, looking like as if they were tortured, and, a bit,like, as if, we were back in one of those sad, exploitative bad gay movies from the 1970’s?
    It really does not seem to me such a great choice! Ewww!
    There’s plenty of much better choices, even in that ‘Genre’.
    And,personally, i feel less of a peep, by watching some great Porn,instead, with happy,buff and hairy guys doing what they like to do, without hypocrisy.
    But, again, that is just my opinion, and I wanted to express it, since I personally felt ‘robbed’ of my money,by renting a couple of those DeCoteau’s flicks, yet, I would not wanna sound disrespectful to you, either, but, I am a bit put off, since I really thought, you liked ‘real looking’ furry guys in way more edgy and thought provoking stuff.. that’s all!

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