When Daytime and Primetime Collide

Cameron Mathison Shirtless in Desperate Housewives

Daytime hunk Cameron Mathison has it all, and the only thing left to do is to venture his sexy self into primetime and that’s exactly what he did last night. Here are some caps from this week’s “Desperate Housewives” (that is if your week begins on Sunday). We all need that little bit of boost in the pants on a Monday morning don’t we? Also, I’ve been holding it as I typed so I’m going to say it – we need more BODY HAIR on this one!

Cameron Mathison Shirtless in Desperate Housewives

Cameron Mathison Shirtless in Desperate Housewives

Cameron Mathison in Desperate Housewives

  • len

    daytimes loss, night times gain! LUUUUUVED him on All My Children! Now, I have a reason to watch Desperate Housewives again!

  • joe

    Am I the only one that saw Dan Cortese smoking hot body on “Hot in Cleveland” this week. dam that man is perfect!

  • Tom

    He was great in Housewives..never heard or saw him before but he will be remembered!!!

  • Sammy

    Can we see the Dan Cortese pix???

  • MauiJim

    Is it okay to mention other man blogs here? If so, Sammy, you can go to Superherofan to see some great caps of Dan, whose physique looks as flawless as ever.

  • fofml

    He’s handsome BUT the way his 3-day-beard contrasts his all-too smooth chest is a real turn off!

  • fofml

    It’s kinda like his head doesn’t belong to his body… grow some chest hair or shave the face, I say! (though, naturally, I’d prefer the first option!)

  • How can you have that much delicious stubble and be smooth everywhere else? This is one I’d have to do in his undies, before he shaves.

  • joe

    it drove me crazy that Cameron had a thick dark beard. and a smooth chest.
    1) the beard looked dyed.
    2) chest hair must be all gray so he shaves!
    I know a lot guys like him do that, such a turn off and fake looking!

  • Vlaovik

    Ugh..I find this guy to be completely unsexy…he seems totally middle-aged douchy….an egoist….I admit to watching a few episodes of the disgraceful ‘dancing with the stars’ when he had his turn at dancing fame and he just came off as a waxed up, beefed up, meat headed egoist. Just really unattractive

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