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My fat ass will be doing some traveling today, so instead of leaving you to start your Monday morning HONGRAY for men candy – I’ll leave you with this picture of a fine piece of Mexican hotness, Paulo César Quevedo (via Cisoto Fotos). Paulo is a seasoned television actor slash model in Mexico (thank you IMDB) and although he has been exploited to the limit before (this photo shoot in particular is verging on the spicy Mexican cheese even, for me) – this shot certainly does a lot of damages to the libido. I’ll see you guys on the other side!

Paulo Quevedo Shirtless

Paulo Quevedo Shirtless

Paulo Quevedo Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    OMG! WTF!! Makes me proud to both be a man and love men!

  • Tom

    This man isn’t just hot …he started a fire in my pants.
    A total man if there ever was one.
    Still licking my lips!!!!


    My pants got wet! Wow…

  • leo


  • David

    He and Jean Dujardin are now apart of my fantasies. I’m just so to be a gay male, and lust after men like him.

  • Boris

    Bon Voyage!

  • Craig E

    Are people that dumb that they can’t see the first image is heavily edited? It looks like a 3D model.

  • Mark

    He looks a lot like Jfk jr in that first photo!

  • It´s funny! His face at the 1st pic reminds me George Clooney´s!

  • Boris

    Square, Square, where art thou? Please come back!!!

  • Cookie

    I’m becoming concerned. And that phrase “See you on the other side.” has me very very concerned.

  • Corky

    I know, Cookie, I was just thinking that exact thing! “I’ll leave you with” and “See you on the other side” plus no new posts in over a month, I’m concerned too.!

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