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David Beckham Underwear for H&M Commercial

Here’s the moving pictures version of that David Beckham panties ad for H&M earlier. You know, it’s nice for him to be shirtless and all (is there an undo tool for tats somewhere?), but the thing is he is mostly selling underwear not tattoos. When I want to buy me some chonies, I need to see the front, preferably in great detail. This advert is everything but the much anticipated crotch shot. Fine, only reason I need to see his bulge is to confirm these. I guess I’ll have to say extra prayers to the H&M Photoshop gods when I go to bed tonight!

David Beckham Underwear for H&M Commercial

David Beckham Underwear for H&M Commercial

David Beckham Underwear for H&M Commercial

  • WMassGuy

    It mystifies me what anyone sees in this ugly skinny man

  • wpb30635

    I’ve seen what is not shown in those pictures and it is one of the bigger reasons people like this skinny guy.

  • Mallory

    I wouldn’t say he’s ugly. But James Wolk is a pretty hard act to follow. One that Beckham here isn’t up to.

  • bo_s

    his ass is… flat… ish.

  • LooneyMan

    Oh please. I’d jump him any day. You guys dont want him? I’ll take him.

  • Mark

    As much as I love to see his half-naked body,I think he should slow down a lot from doing this kind of thing.He’s a father to a growing sons and a baby daughter.If Brad Pitt can do it so can he.Plus he’s not in his 20’s anymore and he’s definately not aging well I have to say.Just get shirtless once in a while and no more underwear ads in the future.

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  • Jack

    Facially he is stunning, but his body? Not good… Too much crack chic! He needs to bulk up! He looks weird with his 40 year old face but 20 year old torso! Nice ass and legs, but please, Dave, hit the weights!!

  • Ruperbare

    Sorry, but it is it me, the pic or the undies, but does his arse look PECULIAR?????

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