Oui Monsieur Dujardin!

I am, and probably  forever will be one of those lame people who doesn’t watch Oscar nominated films until three years later. While I’m sure “The Artist” is a masterpiece like what them critics say – Jean Dujardin should be the catalyst for me to see it. I mean, Jean is the sort of man I would find when I look for ‘hot French guy’ in the encyclopaedia. Encyclopaedia of the labia that is. Here are some caps with his equally delicious co-star Gilles Lellouche from his upcoming film, “Les Infidèles”, which caused quite a stir with its racy poster. And because we’ve been missing this fine French piece all this while, I’ve included some of his skin shots from previous films too. Takes me back to that time where Sean Connery is all I wanted in my life. Trailer after the jump, but it is totally NSFW due to boobage so viewers beware.

Jean Dujardin Shirtless

Jean Dujardin in Les Infidels

Jean Dujardin in Les Infidels

Jean Dujardin in Les Infidels

  • Jair

    He’s hot!! I love him even tough I found out about this hot french man only in recent times!

  • Joe

    Unnnnnfffff Jean Dujardin makes me feel all tingly. He’s so effortlessly sexy. OUI OUI je le veux maintenant!

  • Jack

    Love the way he touches himself through and under his boxers. Nice…

  • Boris

    hmm! another hot french actor… I could play, not pun inteded*, in the forest that grow on his chest for hours!

    *Well, maybe a little!!!

  • he is very sexy

  • David Hollingsworth

    I think I just found my next favorite hunk. He just gives me a very curious tingly feeling that I just enjoy.

    If you were to look in the dictionary under the word ‘sexy’, I think you would find his picture in there.

  • Joe

    I agree with my mate Joe up here, he is effortlessly sexy, and that is hot in so many levels! I love his face, I love his chin, his hairy chest, I love his all. I don’t care if never knew who he was until like a month ago, I love him. I’m that easy to love men.


  • chris

    Check out the second “OSS” movie. Everything but frontal from Monsieur Dujardin

  • rodthehorny

    If someone here knows how to put this movie in torrent in a public tracker please do. I would love to watch this one….

  • Mark

    He is like the French Hugh Jackman.I would still go for Hugh but Jean has a pair of big nips unlike Hugh.Lol!

  • Good post. He’s terrific and terrifically attractive, square. You should check him out in his two very funny and very sexy James Bond parodies, “OSS 117 – Cairo, Nest of Spies” and “OSS 117 – Lost in Rio.” You won’t be sorry!

    • thanks for the info. can’t wait to see them on youtube

  • Robert

    Holy CRAP is that man photogenic. Each pictures stokes the fire in mah crotch and makes it want more.

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  • Eric

    Seriously, this man is one of the sexiest men alive! His chest hair makes him even sexier. Love how he touches himself through his boxers too lol

  • Tom

    joesview is right about Lost in Rio. he is very sexy in this movie…

  • rupertbare69

    Muy caliente………………………Very Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandre

    If you looking for some of this movie, go to wikipedia of Jean in French. All is movie are in torrent.

  • Tom

    Loved him in The Artist but he only spoke one word in the whole movie and the accent,,, oh the accent. Just do me!

  • scott

    sheesh, i just happened upon this after today’s feature on Sébastien Huberdeau
    i still haven’t seen “the artist” but now i am a bit more urgently wanting to see it.
    had to laugh when i saw him on the phone touching himself. i am guilty of doing the same thing when i am on the phone (at home, not at work of course). does anybody else do this – i’m sure there are more. i’d love to know….my email is
    wrangler_drivinman@att.net – thanks, scott

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