Cam Gigandet & David Walton in Burlesque

Cam Gigandet Shirtless in Burlesque

This is one of those rare posts where you have smooth, fuzzy and hairy guys all at the same time. Very diplomatic, no? I have to admit I went on to watch “Burlesque” because of a reported shirtless scene of my latest adorkable crush David Walton, who is the star of new NBC series “Bent”. David is perfectly unshaved and (hopefully) proud of it, then you have a hairy daddy option courtesy of Stanley Tucci and of course the real skin star of the film – fitter than fit Cam Gigandet who really should be banned from wearing any kind of clothing EVER. It was so hard not to capture every millisecond of his shirtless scenes, but I think I’ve done well. Enjoy!

Cam Gigandet Shirtless in Burlesque

Cam Gigandet Shirtless in Burlesque

David Walton Shirtless in Burlesque

David Walton Shirtless in Burlesque

Stanley Tucci Shirtless in Burlesque

  • Stanley Tucci. That’s a sexy little bald dude. Rawr

  • I was so overwhelmed by the hotness that is Cam that I hardly noticed David Walton the last few times I watched “Burlesque”. Thanks for refocusing my attention. Well, temporarily. 🙂

  • Mark

    Cam Gigandet looks like a famous porn star or manwhore!I got a feeling that he must at least had one homoerotic experience in his life!The same thing goes for Kellan Lutz and Channing Tatum!They won’t admit it but my gaydar says otherwise!

  • LooneyMan

    Sam and his damn eyes. Gimme. Now.

  • Eric

    I think Cam Gigandet is the sexiest of them all, but I prefer Stanley Tucci’s hairy body better. Men with chest hair = Sexiest. Thing. Ever. Never been a fan of smooth chests. Hairy is the only way to go. lol But all 3 of them are still extremely, extremely sexy!

  • Mallory

    I agree that Tucci is the best of the lot. Cam Gigandet looks weird to me. Maybe it’s that too perfect, wax mold, pre packaged thing that other people have complained about with other guys. Hes good looking but does not do it for me AT ALL.

  • rupertbare

    All I can say is I wish I was a Famous Amos box!!!!!

  • Cam is soooo sexy! I love him!! Thanks for this!

  • scott

    The 1st time I saw Cam in Burlesque I swooned. He looked exceptionally hot when he was bar-tending. And of course in these pics as well. What a handsome, hot man and body.

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