David James Elliott in GCB

David James Elliott Shirtless in GCB

Yet another Canadian beef to be drooled at! As soon as I saw these caps of a perfectly matured David James Elliott in this week’s “GCB” capped by Groopii, the first thing on my mind is they MUST be posted here ASAP – no excuse. They look like they belong here, you know? I remember how sexy and stingy he was in “JAG” so I’d imagine this is like Christmas for his fans. Last time we saw him sans shirt I was eager to see if that bountiful chest have been meddled with, and this time it looks like he’s one of the few men in Hollywood who are immune to the razor devil – if only the exploits are done more often!

David James Elliott Shirtless in GCB

David James Elliott Shirtless in GCB

David James Elliott Shirtless in GCB

David James Elliott Shirtless in GCB

  • Kyle

    This show is DRIPPING with male hotness!!! (See both Mark Deklin and Eric Barrett Winter)


    Oh my goodness, the man is being assaulted by some blond frizzy fey thing!!! Shouldn’t we call 911? What if she stings? His name isn’t Ripp Cockburn is it? That’s a gay pornstar name, if ever I heard one!

  • Anne Noise


  • Carlos

    DILF….looks good!

  • I’ve always loved him since the old JAG days!!! Real man with the PERFECT hairy chest!!! Love him!!!!

  • Emily

    Adam Fergus in Being Erica, please & thank you! 😀

  • Mallory

    Oh yes. F*ck me any old time. Oh where are my manners? I mean, PLEASE f*ck me any old time.

  • DoverDavid

    Now my screen is all wet. DJE just goes to prove that a guy can be fit and toned without being a waxed piece of fruit.

  • Daknee

    He looks so much better today than he did in JAG. He leaned down nicely too. He got a little chunky there for awhile. Although a guy with a little belly and as handsome as he is can look good too

  • Jasper

    Oh YEA! What a hunk of man. If anyone goes near him with a razor, get them kicked out of the union.
    Can’t wait to see if you have some of the gay husband on GCB. He’s so HOT also. Would be great if the story line got him and David James Elliott’s character into an intimate storyline.
    What a story line, and what a cast of men. That casting director is having a blast.

  • Big Dave

    I’ve been drooling over this man since long before JAG. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s he was in a Canadian lawyer drama called Street Legal. He played a Toronto cop who was the boy toy of one of the main female lawyers on the show.

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  • Preston

    I hate to admit how sucked into this show I have gotten. It is so bad, but I have a thing for gay husband. That’s what I need to find. Not a married DL guy, but him specifically. What is his name anyway? OOOOOh Mark Deklin….

  • Boris

    Ah!!! Canadian Men… They are so yummy…

    Did I ever mention that I am Canadian?

  • Viewer

    I don’t know why I am commenting here, I guess because it’s the most recent post.

    Ugh this blog has been so slow for a few months now and it stinks because I really like the posts here but I am going to stop checking soon.

  • Ricky

    Whatever he wants me to do, I will, David is a smokin’, smokin’ stud! I actually got weak in the knees when I saw this episode.

  • LuvHairyBlonds

    Damn he’s super hot, I’d love to see his meaty ass naked and in good lighting!

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