Don’t Speak…

Jay Byars Shirtless by Rick Day

So I’ve finally managed to catch up with “Survivor: One World” and stumbled upon this very beautiful specimen. Don’t worry because I’m not going to turn this crusty joint into one of those model shrines – I haven’t got to that stage yet. Jay Byars is probably one of the prettiest guys you’ve seen in a long while, but I guess you can’t have everything in this life. Jay suffers from a known condition called “Beckham-itis” and although the Southern accent is very charming, I really feel like I need Jon Hamm to dub him so I can fap to Jay properly (translation: I’m just jealous). Anyways, here are some of his modelling shots featuring some bountiful harvest down south. Perhaps being on Survivor will limit his access to shaving products so we can see how far the hotness can go.

Jay Byars of Survivor One World Shirtless

Jay Byars of Survivor One World Shirtless

Jay Byars of Survivor One World Shirtless

  • sparks

    He really is pretty… totally agree, though, I’d like to see him after a month without shaving his chest!

  • Daz

    i can’t take him seriously in bed with that voice lol he’d have to be gagged.

  • rodthehorny

    I don’t want to be a jerk off so I won’t comment. But he looks pretty not just my cup of tea.

  • Mark

    So beautiful and yet he poses more like a porn star than a model!I’m sorry but that pubic shots just too cheap!He is that kinda guy that you would sleep with but won’t marry or have a long term relationship with!Just too beautiful and slutty to handle!

  • Boris

    too much wax on his upper body…

  • Frank Miller

    And yet, on the web site, he extols his Christianity. Of course, there’s no commandment against showing your pubes, though there should be one about waxing.

  • rupertbare69

    WHY oh WHY did they let that guy speak??????????????

  • DoverDavid

    More waxed fruit, chop off the head, attach to another waxed piece of fruit, it’s all the same.

  • Maz

    He’s hot but he needs to just shut up. Hearing his voice made my stiffy wear off.

  • Mallory

    Jay is a smart Survivor player. I don’t mind his accent, so take that people! He is pretty, but it’s almost too pretty for my tastes. If you start looking too feminine, its game over.

  • Eric

    He was sexy until I heard him speak. There is no doubt he is gorgeous! He has a nice looking beard, some nice pit hair, a lot of pubes, and some hairy legs! Although, I wish he had some chest hair! I personally think men are sexier when they have chest hair. But anyways, he is no doubt gorgeous, but that voices just kills it.


    he’s pretty and all, but…..some of those face shots make him look like a concentration camp victim. nice body, but needs a little fur. i prefer “meatier” people. people a little more like “real life”

  • Brendan

    His face reminds me of that guy from Heroes and Gilmore Girls: Milo Ventimiglia.

  • Holt

    I was going to post about him on the forums, but I know it won’t be too long before Square’s radar catches him.

    And he doesn’t talk a lot on Survivor, so I don’t get the voice thing.

    I just hope he lasts all 39 days so we can see maximum foliage.

  • Vlaovik

    Nice but not my thing. Too waxed and primped.

  • Dude Holt, I love your picture bro. James McAvoy is totally hot.
    Anyway, this dude is hot. Waxed or not,he is SMEXI. Love the pube shots.

  • Teo

    Ok Vlaovik , Jay is not your taste, we got it. Maybe you are to good, too rich, too handsome form Jay. Haha. Buy your self a mirror, troll. You’d be lucky if Jay let you lick his toes. You are such a nerdy FAG.

  • florida33771

    The shots where he is wearing the olive tee shirt are the best.
    Too many of the photos look almost porn.
    He should NEVER talk!

  • Rupertbare

    It isn’t so much the accent, that I can handle, it is the HIGH PITCH of his voice I find so off putting!!!!!!!

  • Craig

    Some of you bitches are you critical!

    I love a guy who shows his pubic hair in his modeling photos or movies. It’s so much sexier and more manly than a guy who is totally shaved and looks like a little boy.

    And what’s with all the comments about his voice? It’s a little squeeky but considering gay men get made fun of for their voices all the time, you’d think you’d know better!

  • Late to the party but what a beautiful man

  • You go craig

  • Rupertbare

    @Craig, where do you live? Gay men having the piss taken out of their voices? It doesn’t happen here in Europe! Unless he has a high pitched squeak as the model does.Nothing to do with being gay, mind you!

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