Head, Shoulders and THAT BODY

Michael Phelps Showers in Speedos for Head & Shoulders

While I’m on the topic of athletes with their tops off, here’s Michael Phelps having a nice shower for Head & Shoulders with (unfortunately) his speedos on. Well done H&S executives! We seem to come from the same filthy gutter, although I would direct him to put his hand inside his skimpies for maximum effect because everybody knows Head & Shoulders does not only clean the top part of your body! Mr. Phelps isn’t exactly the prettiest jock of the bunch, but it is a well established fact that THAT BODY makes up for everything else that’s lacking. I’ll take all the butter on his face, smear it on his body and lick it clean. Wait, did I just type that out?

Michael Phelps Showers in Speedos for Head & Shoulders

Michael Phelps Showers in Speedos for Head & Shoulders

  • OceansHex


  • Mallory

    Michael Phelps is a butterface, but in all the right ways. There’s enough cuteness, along with the body, to leave him without any -real- problems. Wonder if he’ll kick ass in London?

  • DoverDavid

    He’s cute in a goopy kind of way, which makes him endearing.

  • Manlover

    I want to see those tattoos just below his skimpies!

  • Michael

    Sorry but this guy is beyond delicious id love to lick him up and down and kiss him for hours. Only thing is I cant tell if this guy is gay friendly or homophobic either way id still love to have him for a long time. hehe

  • SZK

    Did he have his teeth adjusted recently? I could have sworn that he used to have some (his canines?) that were much higher than the others.

  • BADKarma

    Point of note: He’s stopped waxing. (swoon).

  • Never noticed he doesn’t have that much of an ass. But the rest of him (below the neck) more than makes up. Mmmm…. 🙂

  • Ray

    I am in heaven……..Michael Phelps gives me a boner whenever I see his pic. He is nerdy looking in the sexiest way. Wish he would let his chest hair grow…..I would die to just slip my tongue into his tight butt hole…or better yet slip his pole into my hole Yup he is my keeper Has anyone ever commented on the size of his cock……….??

  • He is handsome. At least he has a bit of armpit hair to show.

  • Beagz

    SZK – I was thinking the same thing! He’s DEFINITELY got a better smile now than he’s had in the past.

  • Michael is and has been my favorite sports crush since
    his stellar performance at the 2004 Summer Olympics
    in Athens,

    and yes he does have a HUGE cock, plus he’s cut.
    i was fortunate to attend a special swimming exhibition
    he and and fellow team members put on at the Asphalt
    Green Sports complex in Manhattan the week after
    returning from Athens. i got a VIP seat so i had a nice
    meet and greet with Michael afterward,. he even posed
    for a picture with me. the “impression” in his jammers
    would have been obvious to a blind man.

  • rupertbare69

    Sorry, he is just so American looking, and has no arse, and not much of a crotch, in these pix anyway. Perhaps he has a grower…………..I can’t tell…..

  • Michael

    He’s soooooooo HOT!!!! And of course he doesn’t have an ass, he’s a swimmer.

  • rupertbare

    Are you really trying to tell me that NO swimmers have an arse, that they all look like old mens saggy arses?????

  • Say WHAT?

    Um, where are his buttocks?

  • Rupertbare

    Exactly, just where did his butt go????? Worn away, perhaps?????

  • jeep_driver

    i like his face when it’s got hair on it but his body does zilch for my libido. i wouldnt pass up smoking the bong with him though

  • I like his body and face,he is so cute,lovely face and sweet looking…

  • he is looking good,lovely face,sweet and so cute….

  • CT

    jeep driver….his bod does ‘zilch’ for your libido? You either don’t have one, or you are 100% straight….lol. He’s perfection…great lean/tight bod….and don’t forget those big hot FEET!;)

  • jeep_driver

    i generally make exceptions for some freakish body types but i must draw the line somewhere. and i am happy to report that i am not straight (but i AM attracted to the occasional straight male although i have no desire for unrequited love with one!)…different strokes for different folks so keep on strokin’ if phelps gives you a rise

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