The Return of PERFECTION (aka Jamie Bamber)

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Body of Proof

It has been too long since this and this and this not forgetting THIS, but after a period of drought finally the star of everyone’s wet dream Jamie Bamber has returned to grace us with his gorgeous scruffy face and of course, that delectable body as a guest star in “Body of Proof”(I probably should’ve played more with the title but it’s a cold morning so I’ll just leave it at that). The haircut is arguably a little Diana for some people, but it does a lot of things to me especially when he gets to keep his accent. *DIES* Although it’s a fact that Jamie looks perfect even with shirt on, he needs to this shirtless thing more often because he’s like up there with Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer as the most beautiful men on planet earth. I don’t care whether it’s a lead role in DinoSharkGator 3 as long as the exploitation is done well. It’s basically Jamie Bamber’s responsibility to the human race.

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Body of Proof

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Body of Proof

Jamie Bamberin Body of Proof

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Body of Proof

Jamie Bamber in Body of Proof

  • Bro

    Wow. Very hot.
    He is looking a lot bigger than he did in BSG.

  • wpb30635

    Yumm Loving the facial fur. Makes him all the more delectable and tasty

  • Mike

    Yeah this guy is hot.If James Denton had a nipples that big,he would be perfect!

  • Paul

    WOW! I would toss my legs in the air for him any day!

  • BADKarma

    Square – “DinoSharkGator vs. OctoPythonRaptor”, thank you very MUCH!!! (roflmao)

  • QCNiceGuy

    I have been in lust with him since the British version of “Law and Order.” He is phenomenal!

  • rupertbare

    Such a shame…why do American men all appear to need at least a B cup(bra) for their tits???

  • BADKarma

    Um, Rupert, twinkums, Jamie Bamber is British. And you’re a twat.

  • Milton

    Proof that all Englishmen are pasty waifs. He was one of the main reasons I watched BSG.

  • Steve

    Yup . . . he’s a keeper. A little bit cute in the face, but pretty damn near a perfect 10.

  • rupertbare

    So he is British, big deal, he looks like an American, where did you lot come from originally anyway??? Especially with the size of his tits and his BIG arse!!!!!

  • aramax1001

    BAMBER!! BAMBER!! BAMBER!! More Bamber!! Us gay jocks are madly in love with him.

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  • Tom

    Wow. This guy’s on fire.

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