Ummm… Hi There, Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan Shirtless

As much as I love shirtless men in their underwear, I think wrestling is tacky as fuck (rich coming from me) but having said that, there is absolutely nothing tacky about Joey Ryan’s brand of hotness. Furry wrestlers are hard to come by but when you have something like Hollywood’s Own (Ryan’s stage name) in the ring, it would only be natural that I’m going to sit through each tournaments with the banner that says “be my crotch’s own Ryan!!!”. Shameless. Thanks to “Rupaul’s Drag Race”, here are some caps from the second episode featuring unnecessary covering and the fruits of my stalking effort in Google and Joey Ryan’s Facebook.

Joey Ryan Shirtless

Joey Ryan Shirtless

Joey Ryan Shirtless

Joey Ryan Shirtless

Joey Ryan Shirtless

  • Boris

    Hairy torso and WAXED legs… not a good combo, in my not so humble opinion…

  • Allan

    @boris: I was thinking the same thing! just horrible…

  • Servonut

    One has to wonder what was this vision of male perfection doing on RuPaul’s Drag Race? (and if one can rent the dvd…)

  • seeker

    Wow… so hot.

    He HAS to wax his legs, dudes. Otherwise he hairs on them could be pulled and ripped from his skin while doing frankensteiners and other wrestling moves.

    It’s a small price for such a delightful macho man (see what I did there?).

  • Gabriel

    In the care of moi he’ll be affectionately persuaded to stop waxing his legs, so I’ll take him anyways. He’s worth the trouble.

  • Jack

    And he looks *SO* much better with his hair short. Sigh…

  • I don’t mind the waxed legs. Shows off the definition really well. Besides which, when it comes to hairy men I really only care about their chest/treasure trail being furry, as well as their (somewhat trimmed) pubes. Maybe their ass, too. Wouldn’t turn down a nice beard or shadowy stubble on the face, either. But it’s mostly about the chest hair for me.

  • Jasper

    O-M-G !!! Such a hot piece of… LOVE the spread-leg shots. I especially like him with the longer hair, stache & beard. The sort-of-short hair in blue suit makes him look so meek & boyish, but I’ll take the sweaty fur ball any time.The slight bit of pillow on the tummy is sexy, but I don’t understand the shaving of the stomach and leaving the chesthair. A furry tummy makes one all the sexier. Proudly showing off his little peen is cute too, esp in the pic with the red & white suit.
    What a GREAT posting, Square. Thanks a million!

  • Ben

    What’s with the shaved armpits, but leaving the hairy chest? Weird. He needs to leave it all natural. Very handsome man.

  • Daknee

    Damn this guy is hot!! Shaved legs or not.

  • Really cute and if he was all natural, he would be perfect.

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