And Here’s a Bomer-less Trailer of Magic Mike

Channing Tatum Shirtless in Magic Mike Trailer

“Magic Mike” has been shoved in our crotches for a few months now with teasing stills every now and then, finally we have some moving images version featuring Channing Tatum, a scruffy Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, a little Joe Manganiello and a hell lot of body wax. It’s all good, but where the hell is Matt Bomer? I bet he’s the only reason many people would want to see this fapping mess. It’s just not fair. We’re talking about quality over quantity here. A milisecond of shirtless Matt Bomer is equivalent to 6 hours of naked Matthew McConaughey. Fact.

Channing Tatum Shirtless in Magic Mike Trailer

Matthew McConaughey Shirtless in Magic Mike Trailer

Alex Pettyfer Shirtless in Magic Mike Trailer

Joe Manganiello Shirtless in Magic Mike Trailer

  • Mark

    It is going to be one of the ultimate jerk off movies off all time for gays,bisexuals and straight women for sure!This movie is about a bunch of manwhores and the actors in it are also the manwhores of Hollywood!Although I am really disappointed at Matt Bomer because I thought he’s more than this!Sure from time to time we can see his body in White Collar but that’s okay!This movie won’t get him the respect he deserves as an actor in film.Who knows maybe we have to wait and see but I doubt it!


    Lame trailer and the lead is rather unattractive; even hot bodies cannot save this movie!

  • i’m sure the film will be better than simply being a male
    “Showgirls” since “Magic Mike” is being directed by a
    real director and not an action director. plus i hope
    people aren’t expecting to see anything really revealing.
    in fact i bet Matt Bomer and Adam Rodriguez don’t even ‘
    have bare butt scenes.

  • Starling

    I don’t find Channing Tatum attractive at all…he’s too muscular for my taste. Now Mat Bomer…he’s simply PERFECT in every.single.way. I would totally watch this movie if Matt was the main character. I’ll just have to wait for the parts with Matt to be on YouTube.

  • Spearo25

    “A milisecond of shirtless Matt Bomer is equivalent to 6 hours of naked Matthew McConaughey. Fact.”

    This, Square, is why I love you and the “site” of you. 🙂 I know, corny, butt true.

  • cutler

    there had better be far less pants wearing in the actual movie. they are strippers right?

  • rupertbare

    Sorry, but none of the “stars” of this film get me even twitching!!!!!! Don’t know why…perhaps it’s because they all look so American………….

  • Roger That

    Good news is that Matt B actually has amazing lengthy disrobed ‘rear’ scene according to pre-screeners as well as a 4-way. Comments like jaw dropping were made.

  • Robert E

    Lets just take a deep breath and remember that Matt B
    just did a gig on Glee. He is clearly phoning it in until his
    …er…big break. Or not so much.

  • Mike Wells

    The ONLY reason I wanted to see this movie was Joe Manganiello.
    It looks like a real lame movie that only twinks will love. I think there may have been some talent involved, but there in none in Channing Tatum. He looks as dumb and clueless as ever.

  • Jackson

    Matt’s Glee gig was shrewd, showcased his singing talent not everyone was aware of and his comedy chops no one knew of all of which earned him virtually universal great reviews. The Magic Mike part is shrewd as well as far as expanding a fan base and paying dues as a film costar. Matt now has one of the leads in The Normal Heart with filming to begin this summer which will seal his drama film star status. It was clear with his small role in In-Time he was made for the big screen. He is quite the talent aside from his other worldly good looks and is being guided by the best in the business.

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