B is for Burgi

Richard Burgi Shirtless in One Tree Hill

No, the above isn’t the storyboard of my wet dreams last night (I lied), but it’s actually from this week’s episode of “One Tree Hill”. Maybe I don’t watch enough television to notice, but I feel that it has been ages since we were blessed with the sight of a shirtless Richard Burgi. A man that fit must be exploited at each and every opportunity! This is actually a skip-cap-delete job, so I’ve only included the essentials – which is a towel clad Burgi, Austin Nichols studying the art of how to please an older man from the book of Burgi and of course Austin went on to see Burgi in his hotel room. FANTASY MUCH?

Austin Nichols in One Tree Hill

Richard Burgi Shirtless in One Tree Hill

Richard Burgi in One Tree Hill

Richard Burgi in One Tree Hill

Richard Burgi in One Tree Hill

  • Mckey

    Yes he is gorgeous!That face is stunning!I don’t even care about his weird pecs!

  • michael

    he is delicious. a wet dream walkin.

  • Bro

    total DILF

  • He reminds me porn actor Drew Andrews at his 1st shirtless pic.

  • John

    For those of us who don’t have the time to watch these shows, what was this all about? Richard’s character is hanging out in a towel and nothing else while some younger guy (Austin) is reading about the letter “b;” then some babe comes in and is shocked by him, then amused, then she leaves. After he puts on some clothes, the younger guy comes in and has a conversation with him the meaning and tenor of which are not revealed in their faces, but it doesn’t exactly seem as though they’re hot for each other. Right now all I derive from this is that it’s possible to have a set of beautiful lean abs after age 40.

  • Bret

    I wanna see him fuck the young guy! That’d be HOT!

  • Arthur

    He’s very lean and has matured nicely but some hair on the chest would be nice!

  • rodthehorny

    i will definitely do lots of good things to make that daddy feel good.

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