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Charlie King in The Only Way is Essex

I feel like it’s my responsibility to introduce as much hotness as possible from across the pond, regardless of where they come from. Charlie King is a character in semi reality shit show “The Only Way is Essex” (“The Hills” and “Jersey Shore” British bastard lovechild) and is one of the many closeted guys they’re trying to pass as metrosexual Essex geezers. I don’t have time to watch this mess, but a glimpse of Charlie last night made my heart stopped for few seconds. So monkey like, so adorable. Turns out Charlie made some fancy tub of lard called Gemma his beard on the show and broke the relationship off shortly after. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the storyline is, but producers PLEASE make him take his shirt off in a hot tub scene or something. Judging from the amount of scruff, my money is on light to medium furriness and possibly trimmed to hades too. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Charlie King in The Only Way is Essex

Charlie King in The Only Way is Essex

Charlie King in The Only Way is Essex

  • Rupertbare

    One of the worst shows imaginable, full of closeted nellies and their fat, over painted airheaded “ladies”….Can’t say any of the men have done anything for me….perhaps due to there lack of brain power…..

  • Tom

    Wow Charlie is a hot looking guy…love to see his body. Never heard of the show so guess not shown locally.
    If he shows his body…send another photo to the site….bet he is hot without his shirt.

  • Mark

    He is like the love child of Zac Efron and Nick Stahl!!

  • Rupertbare

    With the brain of David Beckham…….

  • cutler

    Mark hits it dead center, Zac/Nick!! What a little cutie! I hope he’s furry too!

  • Jack

    Those eyes and that smile are just too much. OK, the beard DOES help. Thanks for sharing him with us!!

  • sparks

    I thought exactly the same thing, Mark!

  • Rupertbare

    Now, if only he could speak…in a reasonably intelligent way, or any way in fact,minus his “Essex” accent…

  • Boris

    He reminds me of Hugh Jackman!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Mark nailed it with the Zac Effron/Nick Stahl comparison. I see that, but with a strong resemblance to Howdy Doody. Mind you, I wouldn’t throw him out of bed, but I’m afraid I’d have to wear my Clarabelle the Clown drag.

  • No shirtless pics?! Why?

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