In Time, Matt Bomer… In Time

Matt Bomer in In Time

If you feel like you don’t want to go to work today due to that disappointing Bomer-less trailer of “Magic Mike” – your ass is not alone. Theoretically, one could proceed and drool over these many previous posts over and over again but today let’s put back some male beauty and utter perfection back on the front page of your libido. Matt Bomer is unfortunately not shirtless here but he’s giving FACE, FACE, FACE, BEAUTY FACE in the film “In Time” featuring some skin from Justin Timberlake (not that anyone care). It’s like every frame looks like it belongs to the Lourve – including the one in the toilet. When the aliens finally made contact with earth, I would like Matt Bomer to represent the human race so that they will assume we all look like him. Steven Soderbergh (or whoever did the “Magic Mike” trailer), you’re committing crime against perfection and we’re all mad at you.

Matt Bomer in In Time

Matt Bomer in In Time

Matt Bomer in In Time

Justin Timberlake Shirtless in In Time

Justin Timberlake Shirtless in In Time

  • Roger That

    Perfect post! His perfection requires serious cloning for the good of all mankind! Seriously talented, seriously smart and genuinely nice man.

  • rupertbare

    He also gives great face!!!!!!

  • Mckey

    Yeah with a face like that,I don’t even need to see his naked body!Lol!!No seriously,he is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth!God is beyond genius and this is the prove of it!

  • the impossibly stunningly gorgeous Matt B. allegedly has a
    nice bare butt shot in the upcoming “Magic Mike”. while i wish
    its true i’m not believing until someone posts footage or at
    the least a screencap where you can tell the butt is his.:-)

  • Chris

    He’s nice, but let’s not get carried away.

  • Starling

    Matt Bomer is simply GORGEOUS! I totally agree with you that he is the prettiest guy on earth. He’s just….perfect in every way. *sigh* *starts daydreaming about Matt Bomer shirtless* simply….gorgeous….

  • Chris

    Never understood the fuss about him. I think his features are a bit feminine, and I don’t get the unshaven look when it’s clear he has a sparse beard.

  • Chuck

    I’m with Chris. What’s the fuss about? He’s not particularly attractive and his eyes are disturbingly weird.

  • Colter

    Some people don’t appreciate the works of art at the Louvre and the Met either, who knew?

  • He is even more hotter now that we know he is a daddy and a husband!

  • lietz

    imagine it engulfed on your tube steak down to the hilt

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