Matt Battaglia in The Client List

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in The Client List

These screen grabs from Lifetime’s latest softcore offering “The Client List” could easily be something from my wet dream with me replacing JLove, of course. The setting is just perfect, as I always wanted to be a slutty masseur with 100% guarantee of a happy ending. Matt Battaglia has been starring in many smaller TV roles when he was younger – but late 40s is his time to shine. At 47, my only complaint (if I’m being REALLY picky) is that he could use some salty goodness on the sides. If it’s natural – more power to him but if it’s not – hands off the dye! No doubt Matt will be up there with the likes of Richard Burgi and company if he keeps this up. Ryan Reynolds, this is what your future looks like!

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in The Client List

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in The Client List

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in The Client List

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in The Client List

  • Mimi

    If any actual prostitutes see this show, how they must laugh/cry at JLove’s johns. Handsome, ridiculously in-shape, sexy older men– I’d pay them to have sex with me. Has there been a realistically fat, ugly, hairy-backed, jankity-toenailed man on this show?

  • @Mimi Spot on. Couldn’t agree more!

  • Anne Noise

    Mmmm, very nice.

  • Mark

    Well said Mimi!JLH always gets to act and make love to hot men all the time in movies or tv series!Somehow she just can’t keep a man in her real life!

  • Mallory

    LOL @ Mimi. You’re right, of course! But this show is to give housewives a giddy little thrill. While I agree, that’d be awesome & realistic….thats TOO much real life, for a show like this

  • Mike

    First came across Matt in Queer As Folk as the not-yet-out pro football quarterback that meets one of the characters in motels til he comes out on the air.
    Priceless. lol
    He’s also done come truck commercials on tv.
    ALWAYS a good thing whenever he appears on screen.

  • Rupertbare

    Who really cares what happens in make believe…..he is one cute dude of an actor!!!!!!!

  • rodthehorny

    I will never hesitate to lick that arm pitt down to the ah ummm you know :))

  • Beautiful man. Gettting better with age.

  • Robert E

    Matt has an ageless sweetness about him that
    is just to die for. A fine example of the male sex.

  • It’s TV. It’s not supose to be real!

  • jeep_driver

    holy beefcake – i really like that face so it doesn’t matter what the rest happens to look like, i’m sold.

  • Greg

    Here is the stalker as I call him who posts the same photo as the many names like Mike, Robert and Todd. When will this site get a clue that this is the same man who is posting several times but using different names? Just saying.

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