More Allan Hawco with Extra Beef

Allan Hawco Shirtless in Republic of Doyle

The time has come to remind ourselves to sign up that petition to import water from Canada, because it appears to be the reason for all their impossibly gorgeous male specimen. I don’t live there, so my ass relies on Canadian droolers like John S to keep me updated on the hot men situation. I’ve posted some Allan Hawco in “Republic of Doyle” last year, and this time he has beefed up a little. You’d notice that if you just stop staring at those TOONIE nipples!

Allan Hawco Shirtless in Republic of Doyle

Allan Hawco Shirtless in Republic of Doyle

Allan Hawco Shirtless in Republic of Doyle

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Is this from the most recent episode?

  • Mckey

    Those nipples look like they’ve been sucked a lot!It’s over nourished nipples!

  • Allan H. has the perfect combination of prettiness and
    masculinity that i like. plus those lucious nipples are a
    decided plus. 🙂

  • jeremy

    Wow, normally this guy would be too smooth for me, but something about him is yummy. Those nipples are unusually comment worthy for sure.

  • Sammy

    Perfection – and OMG LOVE LOVE those nipples.

  • Eric

    Normally I wouldn’t be attracted to a guy that is as smooth as him, but those nipples are doing everything for me! lol I’d love to suck those nipples!

  • bp

    he’s definitely some hot nipples and he is sooo hot…Is he tied up there ? Does someone knows which episode it is from please ???

  • Denis
  • bp

    So I found out for those who cares…. Season 3 episode 2 , but it is a really short scene….way to short….but he is tied up 🙂

  • Ace

    What’s wrong with his nipples? From where I’m sitting it doesn’t look like anything is wrong with him, anywhere.

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