No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

Wilson Bethel Shirtless

Like a beautiful symphony to my crotch. “Hart of Dixie” resident hunk Wilson Bethel is on of those guys who don’t really need clothing to go on with life – so Cosmopolitan (via The Insider) has decided to exploit this fine piece on a photo spread called “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem”. It’s good to know the people at Cosmo are always full of filth. Until the actual photos emerge, watch the behind the scene clip after the jump with the door locked and box of tissues close by. Trust.

Wilson Bethel Shirtless

Wilson Bethel Shirtless

  • Mallory

    Nothing to complain about here. Still, it doesn’t make me crazy in all the right ways either.

  • alguien

    interesting. his mother, whom he mentions, is none other than joyce maynard who wrote “to die for” but has become more famous for her relationship with jd salinger decades ago.

  • Glendon

    he used to be on the young and the restless he was the crazy guy Ryder

  • Mark

    Such a handsome gayface!

  • rupertbare

    A very pretty man!!!!!!

  • GMaster

    Did any of you stick around for the Chris Evans interview after the 1st interview? It’s hysterical that he dropped 4 F-Bombs during that interview. I did NOT see that coming.

  • Wilson B. is my favorite type of guy- a masculine pretty boy.
    i rather like HART OF DIXIE overall and hope he has at least
    1 more shirtless scene before the season finale episode. 🙂

  • rupertbare

    Yeah, my arse would welcome him anytime!!!!!

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  • Rupertbare


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