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Zac Efron's Veiny Arms on Men's Health Cover

Here’s nicely matured (and ‘shopped) Zac Efron on the cover of the latest issue of Men’s Health that has been making rounds for the past 48 hours. Number one, why is he not shirtless? Men’s Health needs to stop to cater for that 0.55% straight market and give us what we really want. Number two, what is going on with his left arm? It looks like it needs a Mega Mac meal and two months off gym at least. Discuss!

  • Mark

    I don’t know maybe it’s photoshopped but Zac Efron got the face like he can age gracefully like Jared Leto but somehow he loves to play with his body and change it from lean to muscular and back to lean again!He should stop doing that because by the time he hits 40 his body is going to look weird!

  • Tom

    He doesn’t do a thing for me so I don’t care. I like a little fur and this magazine never features that.

  • Danny

    I don’t really have any feelings one way or the other about this, but I do love what I am seeing from him in his new movie “The Lucky Ones”…he finally doesn’t remind me of the 12 year old who sings and dances, he is hot and hairy in the previews.

  • bob frank

    His arm looks very muscular and defined to me, with veins and sinew. His beard has grown in, hair is appearing on his chest, and he continues to grow ever more manlier as the years go by. You guys shouldn’t get into a huff because he’s straight and loves the ladies. He is still a gay ally.

  • Eric

    I think Zac Efron is extremely sexy! Zac has definitely grown up! I personally don’t like the fact that he is asked to shave his body hair for his movies parts. There were some recent photos of Zac going all natural and he looked damn sexy! Hopefully now that he is older and will be playing older parts, he won’t be asked to shave his body hair. Because seriously, his chest hair makes him 500% sexier!

  • Mallory

    Agree about the body hair making him sexier. His body is incredible. Sometimes though I don’t care too much for the face. It seems to depend on the length of his hair.

  • wpb30635

    Being able to photo shop is not enough. You have to know some basic high school biology or at least an artist knowledge of anatomy.

  • Mckey

    @bob frank Wanna bet?!Yeah he loves the ladies,boobs and all that but he is not straight!!At least not 100%!!HE IS A CLASSIC BISEXUAL MAN!!The are tons of them in Hollywood!Back then and now most of these actors and singers married to women and have kids but from time to time they will fuck a man or the other way around!

  • first off Men’s Health doesn’t feature more shirtless cover
    models for one very simple reason- they don’t want to be
    thought of as a gay leaning magazine.

    secondly however photoshopped the cover photo might be
    how recent is the actual photo? Zac got pleasantly buffed up
    for his role as a Marine in the soon to be released THE LUCKY
    ONE. but that film finished filming last Feb. 2011 and in
    shirtless or tank top photos of Zac i’ve seen in the last year
    he looks nicely toned but decidedly less buff than in the film.
    my point being if the actual photo was taken during the
    shooting of the film its a bit over a year old.

  • Cameron

    He doesn’t look as big in these recent pictures.

  • thanks Cameron for posting the link to quite recent
    shirtless shots of Zac in Sydney. said photos seem to
    prove my point that the actual photo used to create
    the Men’s Health cover shot was taken during the
    shooting of THE LUCKY ONE. in the Sydney pics
    Zac is quite beautifully and perfectly defined and toned
    but is decidedly less buff than in the Men’s Health
    cover photo.

  • scott

    wow. He lost a lot of that mass and is back down to his previous toned look, which I dig. Yes, thanks to Cameron for the link.

    that tricep does look weird, I’d say.

  • Arthur

    Yea, Looks like his arm is photo shopped to look more muscled.

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