Put Your Egglesfield in My Basket

Colin Egglesfield Shirtless in The Client List

Now that the awkward silence gone, let’s move on to the actual post. Smooth or hairy, shaved or unshaved – hot hunky pieces with dark brooding features do unholy things to my groin so here are some skin caps of Tom Cruise, Matthew Lawrence and John Barrowman threesome lovechild Colin Egglesfield from the pilot episode of Lifetime’s “The Client List” capped by Groopii. Lifetime is one of the very few television networks who actually understands what modern people want and delivers, case in point here, here and here. Colin might not be starring in the next Avatar, but I see a bright future of taking his shirt off on erotic daytime thrillers – and that’s a big compliment!

Colin Egglesfield Shirtless in The Client List

Colin Egglesfield Shirtless in The Client List

Colin Egglesfield Shirtless in The Client List

  • rupertbare

    He can do me any day….

  • Mckey

    Yeah he’s definately beautiful but just not my cup of tea!I prefer all of his fathers you’ve mentioned above!Lol!

  • There were a lot of delicious men in the episode.

  • Eric

    I prefer a man who has chest hair, but this guy is hot! He can do me any day! Yum!

  • pickle

    Colin has been looking better recently. He looked “off” in 90210. He does give off a young Tom Cruise vibe.

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  • Rupertbare

    @ everyone be warned there is a Tom Cruise vibe coming from this speciman!!!!!!!! Perhaps we should all head for the hills!!!!!!!

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