Time to Feel Old (Again)

Matthew Lewis in The Syndicate

It’s that time of the week to check how many days you have left til your birthday, because unless you’re 5 when Harry Potter came out – this post will make you feel fucking old. Age is such a cruel bitch, but in certain circumstances it will reward you handsomely. Case in point – Matthew Lewis. This English actor will always be typecasted as Neville Longbottom, and in this rare skin scene from the final episode of BBC series “The Syndicate“, Neville – I mean, Matthew is seen with fuzz in the right regions. Shame the light and zoom lens is jealous of his hotness, but one can assume there will be more shirtlessness to commence.

Matthew Lewis Shirtless in The Syndicate

Matthew Lewis in The Syndicate

Matthew Lewis in The Syndicate

  • Daz

    omg when did he turn so effin’ hot?!!?

  • James

    I had no idea Clive Owen had a younger brother.

  • Mallory

    Noticed in the last few Harry Potter movies, great to see him show some skin!

  • BADKarma

    I always thought he had potential, but… DAYUM!!!!

  • Starling

    He totally looks like Clive Owen. Anyway, oh my gosh. He has definitely matured well! I melt when I see his crooked smile! He is so attractive!

  • Rupertbare

    OMG when did he acquire his flat arse????? So unattractive,still he has his face!!!!!

  • Rupertbare

    + where did his waist disappear to????????

  • michael

    well, well. didnt he mature nicely. talk about your ugly duckling into the proverbial swan…

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  • Turning into a handsome, hairy young man.

  • cxd207

    He grew up very nicely.

  • Todd

    He was a rather homely kid, I think, but now that he’s grown up, well, I only wish I were 35 years younger and his boyfriend.

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