Uhm… Okay

Today is brought to you by a very shirtless Joe Jonas on a beach in Sydney via ONTD. He doesn’t do a lot to me, but I’m sure many people will appreciate these shots more than I do. With all the teenage heartthrobs are getting younger and younger by the day (read: One Direction), one has to wonder how can he find work these days. Also, being around Wilder Valderrama doesn’t help either. Judging from the follicle pattern elsewhere, I’d say the waxing devil has done its fine work on Joe. And yes, I posted these just to say that.

  • Funny that he does nothing to you, b/c I’m the exact opposite. He does plenty to me. He, like Zac Efron, has grown into quite a little stud.

  • sparks

    He’s cute but he totally ruins his shirtless appeal with the hairlessness. I can totally appreciate men with little or no upper body hair, but men who DO have it, always look unnatural to me without it.

  • He’ll need some brush burns from my furry pecs.

  • Joe Jonas has matured into one gorgeous young man. like Zac
    Efron JJ is equal parts pretty and masculine. 🙂

  • martymoose

    Although quite good looking, he’s a bit smooth and shiny for me..

  • Mark

    You’re right,he doesn’t do anything for me either!Maybe when I am super super desperate then yes but on regular basis no!

  • JIM

    Trust me I would not kick him out of bed…..BUT!! NAH I would not invite him in!!
    Everybody likes what their Vision of Adonis is but for me he’s not one.

    PS: To be fair he would probally kick me out of his bed!! 🙂

  • Eric

    He is no doubt a very sexy guy and has grown up a lot. And he certainly looks so much sexier when he has stubble… But his chest is too smooth for my liking. For me, the sexiest thing a guy can have a nice, hairy chest. It doesn’t have to be a lot of chest hair, but I have never been a fan of a guy who has a smooth chest.

  • Andy

    Funny that you use One Direction as an example of teen heartthrobs getting younger and younger. Do you even know how old they are? LOL! Justin Bieber is younger than all of them.

  • lol @ the notion of Joe Jonas being someone’s “super desperate fall-back plan”. he’s gorgeous. Madness, I say!

  • macca

    He’s *crazy short!

  • Jack

    He’s not even got a treasure trail!! Sigh…

  • Bobby

    I remember his arms and legs being hairier than this. Is he shaving his legs now too?

  • myserlg

    It wouldn’t be a surprise if he turns out gay.

  • bob frank

    He actually turns me on, especially with his facial hair and his generally manly ways of dress. I would guess, from looking at these pictures, that his chest hair is just starting to grow in, like Zac Efron’s was a couple of years ago.

  • DoverDavid

    Just another piece of waxed fruit. Pass!

  • Joe

    I don’t like Joe Jonas at all.. there were some pictures of him and Nick at the beach recently, Nick was much better

  • kelbel

    Joe has been shaving/waxing for years. There is an old pic of him being slimed on a Nick awards show and there is deff chest hair. Even baby bro Nick has chest hair now although like Joe he has it removed. Come on they are part Italian so of course there is hair. Personally I prefer a smooth chest with a happy trail but I wouldn’t throw an three of them out of bed for eating crackers. Nick is drop dead gorgeous in my book.

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