Wake Up, It’s Jason Isaacs!

Jason Isaacs Shirtless

When I say wake up, I’m really telling myself because despite all the signs pointing to some serious recognition of scrumptious English actor  also known as Lucius Malfoy also known as DILF of everyone’s dreams hereafter – Jason Isaacs, my crotch still refused to rise and smell the hotness. Well, I am pleased to say after an email from Italian reader Giampiero and a buried forum post, it’s time for the world to drool over these caps from “Awake” by him and Superherofan and a couple from “Case Histories” courtesy of wpb. Enjoy, and expect more after!

Jason Isaacs Shirtless

Jason Isaacs Shirtless

Jason Isaacs

Fifth husband alert?

Jason Isaacs

Oh and I definitely need to investigate more on this event:

Jason Isaacs Shirtless

  • Steve

    Anytime !!!

  • Tom

    Jason radiates HOTTNESS!!!! He is such a masuline sexy man that I get a rise almost everytime I see him. Never miss “Awake” one of the best new shows on the air. My dream would be to service this real man!!!

  • bo_s

    Square, does that mean that you’re ditching Matt Tebbutt? I’ll be glad to take him *wink wink*

    • @bo_s NO. He’s still mine. MINE!!!

  • He is delicous.

  • someguy

    enjoy Awake while you can, it was cancelled 🙁

  • Mallory

    Well that’s a bit of a fly in the ointment isn’t it someguy? Still he is droolworthy and more.

  • Colby Varner

    First we had Neville, now Lucius…. next? 😀

  • Kate

    Yes, Jason is so sexy! The State Within mini-series was where I first notie and damn if he hasn’t gotten hotter!

  • cxd207

    Beautiful man.

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  • Robin C

    If you can get UK Channel4, check out Matt’s new series starting on Monday 10 September at 8.30pm (GMT). Was at his restaurant again for my 50th birthday in August – he made a beautifully crafted special dessert for me. If you ever have a chance of getting to The Foxhunter – DO IT. BTW, he gives good cuddles 🙂

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