Better than Prometheus: Cuyle Carvin in Alien Opponent

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless in Alien Opponent

Actually, it’s even better than “Aliens vs Avatars” – so this film is actually much better than anything else out there. “Alien Opponent” is also known as “Alien Infiltration”, because ‘infiltration’ is such a big word that you might be tricked into thinking a lot of intelligence has been put into this mess (pretty much like this website, to be honest). No, I CANNOT hate this – because it has been blessed by the succulent piece of manmeat that is Cuyle Carvin. No one can ever fault this gift from the shirtless gods to humankind.

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless in Alien Opponent

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless in Alien Opponent

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless in Alien Opponent

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless in Alien Opponent

If you’re interested which you probably are – Cuyle will star in straight-to-this-blog “Captain Battle: Legacy War” which by the looks of the cover and this leaked shot from his IMDB page is MILES better than Chris Shavean‘s “Captain America”. That is a fact.

Cuyle Carvin Shirtless in Captain Battle: Legacy War

Also, this quote on his website.

If you don’t like Cuyle Carvin, then you just plain don’t like actors!!!
Josh Beetle Bailey, Super Fan


  • Mckey

    Yawn….Next Please!

  • scarreduser

    OH MY Stars and Garters , Square , What are you trying to do to me ? I am at work . It is a casual day so I wore shorts , blue ones . There has been a bit of a wet spot on the front all morning. I have had to go to the mens room several times to ” attend to things ” . I make sure that I splash a little water so my plight is not too obvious ……..

  • SZK

    His character is gay in the upcoming “Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman,” so hopefully that means a little Carvin-on-man action onscreen. 🙂

  • Hunky!

  • michael

    OMG, OMG. i, just really dont know what to say….that is 100% prime grade A beef-on-the-hoof. i have to see this for the sake of curiosity…what possible plot would involve him running about in his underwear? not that im complaining, cause it looks like quite a nice package, but just the same….

  • GMaster

    OK Somebody please help me. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell I’m looking at in those two close up shots of the back of the dudes shorts where something is either hanging out of or crawling into his pant leg. Am I missing something or does anyone know what the heck that is.

  • Mallory

    THIS….*cough* is a very nice piece of ass Square. Thanks.

  • Brendan

    @GMaster I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t figure it out…

  • Beagz

    It looks like a leech-type creature crawling up to take control of the host – a’la “The Wrath of Kahn”?

  • jeep_driver

    doesn’t a the proportion of the nose on a man equate to where they most likely will place regarding some other part of the anatomy or is it just wishful thinking? i am by no means a stickler for size but a centimeter more than just average is perfect for my purposes.

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