Dwier Brown in The Guardian

Dwier Brown Shirtless in The Guardian

Time to dip my grubby paws into the “to do” folder and pull out something from a huge pile of delayed hotness. To be honest, the name Dwier Brown doesn’t really ring a bell to me but after seeing these caps (via Capped!) from 1990 horror “The Guardian“, chances are that I did get more than acquainted with him on Skinemax at some point. You know what teenagers are like. Most of you probably recognized him from “Field of Dreams”, and that’s about the only decent film he was in.

Dwier Brown Shirtless in The Guardian

Dwier Brown Shirtless in The Guardian

Dwier Brown Shirtless in The Guardian

Dwier Brown Shirtless in The Guardian

In case you’re wondering what he looks like in the current century, here’s one from Dwier’s IMDB page. I do not endorse the epilation in any way but yes, I WILL STILL CLIMB THAT LIKE A TREE.

Dwier Brown Shirtless

  • JAF

    Thanks very much for sharing these. I’ve wanted to see this guy in some state of undress since I saw Field of Dreams.

  • Bro

    Very nice. As is usually the case, he only looks better with age. Though I could do without the deforestation 🙁

  • scarreduser

    Well as for me and deforestation , my views are clear . No No None . He was in a movie Titled ..” The Cutting Edge ” Not a shining Role . but he is still cute . And as aplus there are plenty of scenes with shirtless D B Sweeny . Before any weight gain

  • Wonderful reminder! I’ve capped him in my blog in the past too!

    • @Capped I knew they’re from somewhere but completely forgot where!

  • Mark

    He was the 90’s Ryan Kwanten!The similarity is uncanny!Different body types but same sexy slutty face!

  • Rupertbare

    He is quite nice………Thank fuck for wax!!!!!!!

  • I’ll take him with the chest hair, but he is still attractive.

  • Nyles

    Thanks for the screencaps from THE GUARDIAN was great in that film I saw it in the Theatre when it came out (1990)wish I bought the VHS of it at the time (Hoping to still get it perhaps on DVD EventuallyDwier Brown looked very handsome frequent Bare Chested scenes throughout the film (Sleeping in Bed) (doing some drawings in the middle of the Night)Having a Nightmare twice-havingSex with the Nanny +Running Through The Forest + When the Nanny had Jakey in the Bathtub with her and last scene where his Friend left him a message (Taped it from the Movie Network-Space tv network)on Videotape
    P.S was also in as a Guest Star on QUANTUM LEAP-FIREFLY (Mom And Dad Saved The World)he kinda showed abit of his great looking chest (Outfit Pre JOHN CARTER).


  • Nyles

    Oh and Dwier Brown looked Handsome in those Pajama Bottoms in the film (The Present Picture with smooth Chest still attractive (wasnt aware he shaved it.

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