Guess This Hairy Chest

You probably have to squint a little to fully enjoy this bountiful hairy chest – no thanks to the dingy lighting. I guess you have no choice but to go with rest of the look of the series. Although this actor has dabbed with some films before, he was basically made for the small screen. Dark, good looks – in his early 50s he never looked better. If you practice hard enough – you might get this right!

It’s Dylan McDermott from “American Horror Story“. I’m not sure how scary the series is but being the big jumpy chicken that I always am, not even Dylan’s shirtless scenes won’t make me sit through this. We wish for more and more exploitation of Ben Harmon (i.e more scenes of waking up in the middle of the night sweating in his jammies) in the second season. The only way is less clothing from here!

  • Daz

    how is possible for someone his age to look so ridiculously gorgeous!?!?!?! the ultimate DILF!!!!!!

  • Ace

    Not only does he have shirtless scenes, but he even has masturbation scenes, one of which we get to watch from behind him so we see his ass until he finishes. That should get you to watch it, lol.

  • David

    Who’s your Daddy??? Dylan McDermott’s your Daddy….Go Daddy, Go Daddy….a total DILF for sure. 🙂

  • Tom

    Well it’s not like he’s 80. And he is gorgeous. Know what I loved him in? Miracle on 34th St. Especially the date scene. I so wanted to be her, that bitch. LOL!

  • Bro

    Love him! So damn hot. The ultimate DILF

    Hot mess of a show though.

  • Rupertbare


  • Boris

    Now you’re talking my language!

  • DoverDavid


  • theroosez

    I’ve been hot on him since “Steel Magnolias”. WOOF WOOF! And he’s even close to my age!

  • rodthehorny

    Give me some of that meat please. :p

  • Reese

    Totally a hottie, but he won’t be showing up in the second season of American Horror Story. They are rebooting it, basically, and he’s not in on the cast anymore.

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