Joe Manganiello is Working You Out

Joe Manganiello Shirtless on Men's Health

Men’s Health is finally giving us what we really need more of, which is a shirtless workout spread of manwhore of the moment (and possibly ever) Joe Manganiello in its July issue. It’s not really a ‘workout’ per se, it’s more of giving the readers’ crotches intensive workout instead especially with the ‘I’m an angry flying wolf attacking your nether regions’ shot. What I really don’t get with Men’s Health is their shirted covers. I mean, they will obviously sell more magazines if they put the ‘I’m spent but I’m going to ravage you anyway’ shot or even the ‘I’m replacing the tyre I don’t need your help’ out front!

Joe Manganiello Shirtless on Men's Health

Joe Manganiello Shirtless on Men's Health

Joe Manganiello on Men's Health

  • Mckey

    You’re absolutely right Square,he is the manwhore of the moment!Too slutty and shameless and yet we can’t enough of him!It’s because he is in his prime and standing directly under the moonlight!A couple of years from now he will be just like Matthew Mcconaughey!We’re still gonna love him but we won’t pay that much attention anymore!

  • to Squarehippies- i agree with you about the sexiness of the
    workout. also whenever the subject of Men’s Health shirted
    covers comes up i have what i believe is the reason why –
    they don’t want to be though of as a gay magazine, pure and

  • ew

    I would complain about the hairlessness (he obviously shaves everything but his beard), but I guess he does that to show off his muscle definition.

  • Billy

    Surprisingly ew he doesn’t shave. He said in an interview he was just born smooth and it surprises even him because he’s Sicilian and Armenian so he should be really hairy. Look at his legs, even they’re smooth LOL

  • George A. Trosper, aka GeorgeTSLC

    I dunno. With Maganiello in a tee on the front, you might open the mag to see if he strips down inside.

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