Luke Macfarlane in Erection

Luke Macfarlane Shirtless in Erection

While I’m certain there’s a deeper meaning about relationship and boring shit like that to this erotic short (watch it on Luke Macfarlane Online via Superherofan), those three words in the title should be more than enough reason to stock up the Kleenex, put a ‘BACK MONDAY WEEK’ sign and lock the door behind you. The next step is pretty much illustrated in the visual above.

Luke Macfarlane Shirtless in Erection

Luke Macfarlane Shirtless in Erection

Luke Macfarlane Shirtless in Erection

Luke Macfarlane Shirtless in Erection

  • Rupertbare

    Yep, he could DO me!!!!!

  • Mark

    He is so cute and sexy!I really love him because I feel that he is the kinda guy that would do anything you want him to do!It’s like you will have out of this world sex with this guy!Okay now I have to go to the bathroom! 🙂

  • Eric

    This might sound a tad bit perverted, but I’d definitely take a look at this movie if we get to hear some sexual noises from this guy. Maybe some grunts or something while he’s jerking of climaxing. lol I know, I know. Kind of perverted, but still. lol Anyways, he is beyond sexy!

  • super sexy in the underwear and look at those legs!

  • Rupertbare

    @Eric I’m with you on that, I think half the pleasure 1 gets from sex is the noise involved!!!!!!

  • certainly hot. but i’m betting that Luke has something on
    under the black boxer briefs. in the photo of him with his
    hand in his boxer briefs i don’t wish to destroy anyone’s
    fantasies but i seriously doubt he’s actually stroking himself.

  • JuanCarlos

    Luke is soooo Hot!! He’s so good looking and those gorgeous blue eyes are to die for, he grows a yummi beard and love the hairy legs!
    @ Mark I know what you are doing in there!! enjoy yourself!!!

  • John

    Very hot

  • noname


  • Ruperbare


  • tannaz hazemi

    Full movie ERECTION now available for download on Distrify:

  • tannaz hazemi

    ignore this link it’s fake

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