Mah Husband Being Mah Husband

Jon Hamm

All I can say is, I BET HE SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN. Watch mah husband giving words of wisdom while making panties drop everywhere after the jump.

And FYI, I don’t fart so… Call me.

  • jeremy

    Is he losing massive weight for a role or something? Is it me or does he look frighteningly frail and skinny here? He sounds like he has a cold here as well.

    • @jeremy It adds to the hotness imo

  • Rupertbare


  • Rupertbare


  • Sonny

    He looks sick.

  • jeremy

    @Sonny That’s what I thought, but maybe it’s just the lighting or the camera. Maybe he just woke up or something. Of course I think he’s great, but as a fan of MAD MEN – seeing him every week on there and such – something about him seems different in this.

  • Robert E

    No folks, its just what Jon looks like without his stylist.
    Yikes. So sorry Jon. Too much living Jon?
    Too much something? Wow.

  • Robert E

    Oops, should have waited for the end.
    Jon is 41????!!!! He honest to God looks at
    least 10 years older. I guess Mad Men is a really
    hard gig. I can see the POTUS aging rapidly (and
    all do) but a TV actor??
    Gotta be something going on here.

  • rodthehorny

    I don’t want to be rude and I am big fan both of Mad Men and him, but he look so different and quite haggard on this. Just saying….

  • Yikes! These folks are way too critical. Would that we all looked as ‘haggard’ as your husband, square!

  • jeremy

    Honestly, my initial comment was born of concern rather than critique. Promise. I just hope he’s okay. I’ll be the first to admit that it could be as simple as poor lighting, just woke up look, or he was sick thus he had time to make this. I’m a fan.

  • Josh

    Square, I gotta agree with the majority here my friend — when I first saw the post, I had NO IDEA who that was! I was like “WHO IS THIS GUY?” And then when I read below and saw it was Jon Hamm I was like WOW! What happened to John? Second thing I was asking was, is he sick? He looks emaciated and tired and his voice sounds like a rough patch of road. And I agree with Jeremy, I’m not being critical either, just saying that there is a VERY OBVIOUS difference in the Jon Hamm I know and am used to and the Jon Hamm I am seeing here.

  • Josh

    @Robert E – A POTUS who is doing his job right and doing what the people want, doesn’t age and look haggard……a POTUS failing to do his job and worried because the people are beginning to see through his illusion, definitely ages fast and begins to look haggard — and I see a LOT of aging on the current one.

  • JuanCarlos

    Honestly…I think he just got the flu or something…he’s handsome as ever…just got out of bed or something…love the scruff, manly as ever!

  • jsb

    Josh, all of the presidents that I have seen in office ( since LBJ) have aged drastically, it is a high pressure, thankless job.

    This is not the place for your political ranting about President Obama.

  • Duncan

    WTF! I’ve just lost any attraction for him. He sounds like an arrogant know-it-all with far too much attitude and like he’s annoyed & irritated. He should have just kept his mouth shut – around a big wiener.

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