Manwhores Being Manwhores

David Beckham in Elle Magazine

The road to fame is not always paved with glitter and gold, and most of the time (unless you made a decent sex tape) you have to work extra hard and making others hard for it. At the higher end of the spectrum you have ink covered David Beckham who is the first solo man to grace the cover of British Elle, and at the far end of the manwhoring business you have Mark Wright of “The Only Way is Essex” trying his best to get some exposure filming his reality show “Hollywood Nights” in his man panties (naturally) in Yosemite National Park. Manwhores will always be manwhores regardless of where they at in the game – so I highly support these two acts of generosity. He must be creaming himself for getting mentioned in the same post as David Beckham, and I wouldn’t mind a peek.

David Beckham Shirtless on Elle

David Beckham Shirtless on Elle

  • Tom

    A little ink is good. That much ink isn’t. Blech.

  • michael

    whats that little twirp sneering at in the background? he should be so lucky to be in this shot much less this situation.

  • Mike Wells

    Ink or too much ink, there is just something about Beckham that makes me hard.
    Mark Wright is too twink looking for my taste.

  • Mark

    Eventhough David Beckham has one of the most beautiful faces in the world,he has a pretty boring physique.I know he’s fit and lean but that’s it and nothing more!His nipples are the biggest disappointment of all!So small to look at and to fantasize about!I’d rather look at hairy body with puffy nips Robbie Williams any day than this has been manwhore who doesn’t wanna let go!

  • Mallory

    Absolutely agree with Mark. Beckham is handsome. But to me that’s all hes got going for himself. Dont like his personality, his persona or his physique. Too much ink and there isnt enough good to counteract that so its a C- at best, in my book.

  • Paul

    Wow, until now I thought I was alone in the world thinking that David Beckham looks just so-so at best with his shirt off. Dynamite in a tux for sure, but too lean and too much ink for me as well. Thanks, guys!

  • Rupertbare

    The airbrushed Beckham, shame they can’t or won’t airbrush the ink, as for his voice, surely there is something that can be done, a bigger set of balls may help, but I doubt it!!!!!!

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