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Peter Calandra Shirtless in Johnathon Sheets

Upon further investigation, it turns out that the salesman of the year Peter Calandra has been whoring out another domestic product in “Saturday Morning” for Johnathon Sheets. Damn, he knows bedding is my one of my weaknesses. Thanks to my new best friend Taylor, here’s a very naked Peter (but of course they had to cover his man parts to keep it classy and shit) rolling around and acting all cute (the thumb sucking is the closing deal I suppose?) like he wants you to adopt him or something. For four and a half minutes. He’s all depilated here – but I’ll just let you guys throw the stones instead. When I’m paying $800 for fucking duvet cover I’d expect some of Peter’s fur on them! No, I think he actually comes WITH them in the post to justify the price and makes you coffee in the morning too among others. Watch the NSFW-ish clip after the jump.

Peter Calandra Shirtless in Johnathon Sheets

Peter Calandra Shirtless in Johnathon Sheets

Peter Calandra Shirtless in Johnathon Sheets

Peter Calandra Shirtless in Johnathon Sheets

Peter Calandra Shirtless in Johnathon Sheets

  • Chip Stroup

    Truly the hottest man I have seen in a long time. Something very sensual and sexy about him. He seems very short though from photos I’ve seen

  • Mark

    This guy is soooo fucking hot!A very cute thumbsucker!He is a young dilf and the sex just pouring out of his whole body!Seriously he is one of the sexiest guys I’ve seen in a while!

  • David Hollingsworth

    If you were to look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word ‘sexy’, I’m pretty sure you would find his picture under there.

    I really wish that was my thumb in his mouth.

  • John James

    Watch him get arrogant and unapproachable overnight.

  • Robert E

    God this world is so hung up and psychotic.
    What is the big deal about showing a man’s penis?
    Or a woman’s vagina as well? We’ve sortof gotten to
    the point where we can show a woman’s breasts.
    I just don’t get it and I am not some nut advocating
    public nudity. But in a relatively non-sexual context
    like a handsome man shown to be waking up from
    sleep and being playful, I just can’t understand the
    unnatural positions they put the model in to shield
    the world from the horror that is his penis.
    And you just know that neither the photographer or
    the model probably likes portraying the situation in
    such a fake manner.

  • Ryan Patron

    He is very short 5″6″ and this brief stint with fame has made him very arrogant he barely talks to peole at the gym he works at anymore and doesn’t answer messages on FB & Twitter.

  • Emi

    Why does he keeps on sucking his finger????takes all the hotness away 😛

  • Ryan Patron

    I guess he likes sucking on things…

  • David

    I’ll give him something to suckle on.

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