More Matt Battaglia, 13 Years Earlier

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in Kiss of A Stranger

After seeing Matt Battaglia in “The Client List”, I knew I had to dig deep. Deep into his past to find more skin, because a fine piece like this must have been exploited to the teeth at many points in his career. I’m please to tell you, my prayers were answered. These are from 1999 erotic thriller (WHICH I LIVE FOR) “Kiss of a Stranger” capped by Superherofan. A+ for Matt for leaving the chest fuzz intact. They need to do a remake of this student grade mess, featuring a much older Matt Battaglia with very little clothing on. It will be a massive hit, trust this. Lifetime I know you’re listening!

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in Kiss of A Stranger

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in Kiss of A Stranger

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in Kiss of A Stranger

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in Kiss of A Stranger

Matt Battaglia Shirtless in Kiss of A Stranger

  • mododavid

    This is nothing. He was naked in QAF.

  • Bro

    there are no words.

  • Rupertbare

    Like a fine wine…improves with age…still………..

  • Rupertbare

    Yeah…………………..he could have done me then as well!!!!!!

  • John Conners

    Then there was that beautiful stint he did on ‘QAF’

  • Pat

    Very hot, and no worse for the extra 15 years!

  • To quote Janet Weiss: I don’t like too many muscles.

  • Brendan

    Mmm… me likey muscles…

  • Jonathan

    This is why I was SO jealous of Phoebe Buffay when she got to date a fireman (played by him) and a teacher (played by Robert Gant) in the same episode on Friends!

  • Josh

    I mean what’s NOT to like about this man? He’s almost 50 years old (no offense to any of the mature guys here) and he still looks fucking blazing HOT!

    I like guys who are my age or a few years older, but I wouldn’t hesitate to hook up with Matt.

    I think he’s gay or at least bi-sexual though. I know, who cares about labels, but I just gotta say. Seems he enjoyed himself WAY too much on QAF, he was raised in the rural south, he was the high school wrestling champ, football champ, he’s played more gay roles than straight it seems, played pro football (gay pants) and what straight, southern male jumps on a chance to play a gay male and have strong physical gay sex scenes in a gay TV series “to further his acting career”? Not to mention that he very much denies he is gay and has a beard and two offspring. (so does my neighbor who’s 36, married, wife, two kids and comes over on a regular basis to “get what he’s not getting at home” because he’s always horny and to him sex with another guy is not cheating) Come on straight fellas, just come out of that closet and admit you’re sort of gay anyway. That means you too, Matteo! (his real name)

    Anybody see Tides of War? An underwater submarine warfare movie from the mid 2000’s. The lead male is Adrian Paul, he’s a closeted gay sub commander and his actions on-board lead to the death of his partner — played by Mike Doyle, who is the Lt Commander of the submarine.

    Anyway, there were two versions of this movie made. Pacific Films was forced to make a straight version as well as the original gay version, or their financiers refused to back the film on it’s original story as a gay love story. Battaglia is in this one but not a gay character. Just FYI.

  • David

    @Todd R
    To quote Frank-n-furter, “I didn’t make him for you!” LOL

    Battaglia is dreamy – even more so that I get to see his chest-fuzz.

  • Rupertbare

    ‘@Todd R and David….I totally agree with the 2 of you….

  • Robert E

    Don’t forget Matt in Queer as Folk as Emmett’s football player
    boyfriend. Yum with a capital Y.

  • Xander

    His stint at QAF was the hottest thing he’s ever done. Too bad he was paired with the most annoying character on that show.

  • jeep_driver

    all he needs is a tad more hairyness and i am permanently in lerve

  • Stranger

    @Jonathan just watched Friends (Season 3 Episode 23). yeah.. i wish at the end of the episode they met and fall in love to each other :p . i mean they both played gay character at QAF right?

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