Quintessentially French: Guillaume Dolmans

If there’s one perfect French guy exists in this world, this might be it. Guillaume Dolmans ofr “Guill” as he called himself is a French actor, model, magician, human charmer, etcetera etcetera. Is there anything this guy can’t do? I’m really surprised Hollyweird hasn’t taken full advantage of this exquisite Parisian piece – I mean, with that look and all the things the does, Guill can charm anything and anyone from single-celled organisms to household appliances. He’s like a much prettier version of Vincent Cassel with an amazing mystical forest head of hair. My stalking skills aren’t that great, but here are some findings featuring his commercials (best known through Heineken’s “The Date”) and modeling shots. Perhaps our French readers can help to shed some light on this continental hotness, s’il vous plaît?

Guillaume Dolmans

Guillaume Dolmans

Guillaume Dolmans

  • Mark

    He’s attractive, but sweet fancy Moses he could cut fromage with that beak.

  • Rupertbare


  • Mckey

    Yeah he’s pretty cute!Although I always have a little bit of phobia on French men in general because I know a lot of them have a very bad hygiene.Sorry but it’s true!

  • michael

    oh, gods no….. he’s sooo bony. i like alot more meat on the bone than that. i want to KNOW ive been rolled over on.

  • dom

    Bonjour, je suis français, and i must say i hadn’t heard of this pretty boy before. Google tells me he played in some cheap adds, sitcoms and movies, but i can’t gather really much.

    I’ve got to agree with you about him looking quite “quintessentially French” ; there is not only one French archetype, i guess, but he definitely looks a lot like the average urban guy in his twenties.

    Best from France and may thanks for your delightful site !

    PS: My hygiene is good 😉

  • Mallory

    Seems like the sort of guy who could get you off, but you wouldn’t want to introduce him to any of your friends or family. Hookups on the sneak tip and all…….

  • Optilux

    Hem… Sorry but that’s not how a typical gorgeous french man looks like.
    If you wouldn’t have writen it, I would NEVER have guessed that he is french.

    And I don’t even find him cute…

  • whodatwhodat

    what is this typical gorgeous french man you speak of,,, have you been to France…(and no that’s not a dig on France, well kinda, but mainly I don’t think typical is an accurate descriptor in a multi-cultural world).

  • Rupertbare


  • Optilux

    @ whodatwhodat

    I was responding to those who claimed that he is “one perfect French guy” or “quintessentially French”.

    Yes, I am a french teacher. I have lived in France. My boyfriend is french. ^_^
    So I know what I am talking about. This guy has more of a nordic type than a french one. It’s not negativ but he doesn’t fit in the description of the quintessential hot french guy.

    Between this guy and Jean Dujardin, I would defenetly take Jean. 🙂

    • I really need to stop using the word ‘quintessentially’ in the title next time! 😀

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  • dmadisontn

    He is a good looking man, but he looks like Tilda Swinton’s brother.

  • Blue

    Oh no…..I was so disappointed to learn that this guy was French. This ad is visually attractive but completely without soul or honesty. They take a famous Bollywood song from a 60s Bollywood movie and transpose it into a Chinese restaurant context during the year of the dragon. It is not internally consistent at all. And, the fact that this guy looks “quintessentially Dutch” and not French at all makes it all the more hilarious. Overall, the ad turns out to be creepy like the creepy magician guy. The girl and her hair during the dance, meanwhile, is beyond spectacular.

    • Edward W Lynn

      Every song or story must be preserved in amber and never EVER used by anyone else in any other context!

      Um, that’s not how it works. Cross pollination is natural and healthy.

  • Rupertbare

    @Blue, why oh why does it make any difference, Dutch/French/German, I think the important thing is that he is so beautifully un-American!!!!!!

  • Katie

    He’s Belgian, not French. There’s a difference… of actual countries.

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