Some Adorkableness to Start Your Week

It might not be news, but there is so much adorkableness going on in these pictures (via Tottyland) that they must be posted here. ZacharyLevi seen here having a little vacation away in Hawaii from Hollywood and possibly gym. THIS is exactly the type of body my crotch wants and needs!

  • DoverDavid

    Zachary has always been a cutie.

  • Mckey

    So cute!A little chubby and it makes him so desirable!This is the best of this month! 🙂

  • Mark

    Pasty, fat right wing Republicans have never done it for me. Not Newt Gingrich or this schlub.

  • Mckey

    @Mark WHAT?!HE IS A REPUBLICAN?!OK I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I’VE SAID ABOUT HIM!!You know for somebody who I believe is bi or gay,he is a fucking hypocrite!!

  • Jim

    He looks hotter than ever. The scruff suits him well.

  • bo_s

    I didn’t understand his appeal before. I do now.

  • darren marting

    he is as wonderful to look at as EVER

  • Marcus

    Something about a fit Zachary Levi always made me feel like I needed to hate myself. This is much better and much more comforting.

  • Alex

    That photo by the waterfall is intoxicating. He’s always been the ultimate adorkable for me. Mix it with the semi-faux hawk and you’ve found an even more adorable combination.

    Regarding him being a Republican, there actually haven’t been a reliable report that he is. Just sayin’.

    BTW, I’ve missed the old adorkables on the site. Glad to see a new Zac post and the new addtion of Jake Johnson to the list. Here’s to hoping for a Kris Allen one too even though there’s not much photos on him.

  • Vlaovik

    The first picturevis the best. The middle one isn’t great , his legs look not great. Still a cute guy. I likebthese hollywood types looking average as opposed to ripped. He says he’s Christian which doesn’t make him republican.

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