Stretching for Gold (in Awkward Angles)

Brendan Hansen Shirtless

Here’s a bunch of American athletes including an armless Michael Phelps and a headless Brendan Hansen (via Buzzfeed) warming up for your pleasure London 2012. 2 out of 3 people I know (I don’t know that many people) are NOT looking forward to the Olympics as it will be a logistical nightmare – but these shots do soften the blow a little. I just wish photographer Lucas Jackson stop trying to be so farty and include the heads of some of these fine olympians especially Brendan. Oh well, off to Photoshop I go then.

Michael Phelps, Swimmer (pre-epilation because we all know chest hair fucks with your dynamics in water)

Michael Phelps Shirtless

Jordan Burroughs, Freestyle wrestler

Jordan Burroughs Shirtless

David Boudia, Diver

David Boudia Shirtless

Also, I think they share the same set as this fluffy pussy.

Fluffy Kitten

  • Damn, Michael Phelps has some nice dinner-plate nipples.

  • Eric

    Woah! I’m definitely LOVE Michael Phelps big nipples! What I’d give to suck those! lol So sexy!

  • scarreduser

    Jake Herbert ?? !!!! YES

  • Thank you for the buffet of nummies with my morning coffee. However, if these pic’s are any indication of the training our Olympic athletes are receiving, we’re in trouble and headed for some injured Olympians before they ever get to London. With the exception of Thomas Finchum and (possibly) David Boudia, these pictures are all indicative of ballistic stretching (hit the point of resistance and bounce) – something that has been proven for decades to be worthless, but stupid coaches still use it. It does nothing for your muscles or connective tissues, except set them up for injuries. STATIC and Dynamic stretching, as any ballet, modern, or jazz dancer/teacher could tell you – and a growing number of responsible coaches – is the key to successful warm-up and reducing injuries. Static stretching takes you to the point of resistance, holds there and then pushes it further out, giving you true “stretch” and improving elasticity and range of motion. Dynamic does similar work with muscle and connective tissues, but is placed within the “regular” range of motion specific to what exercise you’re warming up for. Ballistic stretching does the exact opposite… OK, so 9 years of modern, jazz, and ballet classes left me something of a martinet. I’ll go back to my coffee now.

  • DoverDavid

    I’ll put my my money on Fluffy Pussy to win in the 100 meter dash.

  • KarmaLysing

    DoverDavid – ROFLMAOH… ALL UR 100 METUR DASHIZ R MIEN!!!!!

    Is it greedy of me to want one of each?

  • love to lick michael phelp’s sexy chest!!!!!

  • Erne

    I absolutely LOVE Jordan Burroughs.. seriously… I want him inside my pants

  • jake and michael for me please

  • arkcub

    I’ll take Jake, please! That beefy face and hairy chest… I’d love to be in a half-nelson with him!

  • ncbabe

    Phelps has gigantic areolas, I been with chicks whose nipples are not as big as his. Hes sorta a freak.

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