Stretching for Gold (in Awkward Angles)

Brendan Hansen Shirtless

Here’s a bunch of American athletes including an armless Michael Phelps and a headless Brendan Hansen (via Buzzfeed) warming up for your pleasure London 2012. 2 out of 3 people I know (I don’t know that many people) are NOT looking forward to the Olympics as it will be a logistical nightmare – but these shots do soften the blow a little. I just wish photographer Lucas Jackson stop trying to be so farty and include the heads of some of these fine olympians especially Brendan. Oh well, off to Photoshop I go then.

Michael Phelps, Swimmer (pre-epilation because we all know chest hair fucks with your dynamics in water)

Michael Phelps Shirtless

Jordan Burroughs, Freestyle wrestler

Jordan Burroughs Shirtless

David Boudia, Diver

David Boudia Shirtless

Also, I think they share the same set as this fluffy pussy.

Fluffy Kitten

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