And Here’s The Photo Shoot of Your Dreams

Cast of Magic Mike on Entertainment Weekly Photo Shoot

Speaking of Matt Bomer, here’s the 100% follicle free “Magic Mike” photo shoot your crotches have been waiting for. I’ll make it short and sweet so two things. Number one, they have managed to make Matt Bomer look slightly less perfect with that angle on the cover. Number two, Matthew McConaughey looks SO out of place. Having said that I will enjoy this film in the privacy of my room where a box of tissues is within easy reach. Mean old queen – over and out!

Cast of Magic Mike on Entertainment Weekly Photo Shoot

Cast of Magic Mike on Entertainment Weekly Photo Shoot

Cast of Magic Mike on Entertainment Weekly Photo Shoot

  • Bro


  • Brendan

    Mmmmmatt Bommmmmmmmer…. tasty.

  • LuvHairyBlonds

    Square, HELP! Where are the pics of the stud wearing the Nebraska shirt from Bela Dornon?

  • Boris

    Nah! too much wax… way too much wax…

  • bo_s

    GOD DAMMIT! Grow some fur, Manganiello!!

  • Eric

    They are all hot, but they are all wayyy too smooth for me. I like some chest hair, even if it’s just a little bit. But they all look damn sexy!

  • Mark

    You’re totally right about Matthew Mcconaughey!It’s like his sex symbol status has dropped dramitically when you put him next to new whores on the block!It is painful to call Matt Bomer with that word but he is declaring something about himself by starring in this porn!I mean movie!Wrong move Matt!Wroonnngggg Move!!

  • Robert E

    Nothing worse for the digestion that low-quality beefcake.
    WTF is Matthew McC doing in the is movie? Why didn’t
    somebody tell him to take a pass. He looks like he knows
    he shouldn’t be there. Sort of feel sorry for him but he’s a big
    boy and should know better.

    The whole cast is miscast and it will appeal to
    men who love men who will ‘settle’ and straight women who
    don’t get much of quality.

    Is this film John Carter, Jr. in the making?
    On our way to tank city. I hope the boys got their money

  • Mike Wells

    Whats with the water? Is it supposed to be sexy that they are wet?
    The trailer doesn’t make me want to see it and I am a big Joe Manganiello fan !

  • DoverDavid

    Nothing here appeals to me at all.

  • jeremy

    Unfortunately, there is hardly any scruff in sight aside from Joe’s face so sadly this is not the photo shoot of my dreams. Hmmm… let’s see – Eion Bailey, unwaxed Chris Evans, unwaxed Ryan Gosling, and… unwaxed Ryan Reynolds or Paul Rudd… there are plenty more I could choose from, but that’s more like it. 🙂

  • GMaster

    I agree with you Jeremy except for Paul Rudd. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some Paul Rudd almost as much as Square does but even he would have to admit that the guy will NEVER star in a movie about male strippers. Not in a MILLION years.

  • Jake

    Personally, I think they should have chosen men who don’t like unnaturally smooth. I’m not going to see this movie, but I can guarantee you that if they had men with chest hair and stubble, then I WOULD go see the movie. Don’t get me wrong, they are all beyond sexy, especially Matt Bomer, but come on now, men who are smooth and have no body hair whats so ever aren’t as sexy as men who have chest hair, etc. They are just too smooth for me.

  • Chris

    I understand that this is one of those things where everyone will have an opinion. But let’s try to keep in mind these are characters. They are strippers at a “ladies only” strip club. I am a photographer, and one of these revues is a client of mine, and I assure that the real thing is as shaven and waxed today as it was in the 90s.
    Not to be too blunt about it, but the below the waist shaving is (according to them) a comfort issue. Apparently the combination of dollar bills and hair all in a thong, is not a comfortable one. And the guys with chest hair, just don’t make the same kind of money, according to those who should know.

    Besides that, I am surprised to see all the hate directed at Matthew M. He is playing an older former stripper who used his stripper money to buy the club, and now acts as emcee. His age is actually right for the part, and honestly we should all be in is kind of shape at any age, let alone at his age.

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  • Emi

    my God! is there a sequel scheduled for this already? I hope soooo

  • Jason

    The buzz on this is now is quite large, number 12 on IMDB this week. Smart film decision for serious actor Bomer, will get him public name recognition he deserves so he can choose better future artistic roles like his in TNH.

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