THIS Is How You Launch A Book

Before you say, this is not right and start hosing down holy water at me – British diver Tom Daley is 18 and that’s kind of a legal age to appear on top shelf magazines. I’m sure he’s working on a few publications right now, as the Olympics is only a few nightmares away. Here’s Tom promoting his book at Waterstones London with THE proper attire (may the shirtless gods bless his publicist and their filthy thoughts) this week. I wonder how many people buy this book to actually read about his story. The pages better be saliva-proof, especially ones with pictures on them!

  • Jack

    LOL!! When I looked at the first picture, and before reading the text, I thought the word to the left of him was “Watersports”. Shame on me!!

  • Mark

    Such a cute gayface!

  • Rupertbare

    He is quite a cutie…..but those top teeth bother me!!!! Not enough to not wish he would strip off and get dirty though!!!!!!

  • Tom

    These twinks do not interest me… prefer natural looking men.

  • Rupertbare

    @Tom, just what makes you think this “twink” is in anyway “unnatural”??????

  • michael

    holy crap…i vaguely remember 18. looks like he’s sporting quite a nice package as well!

  • Marco

    I saw this book in my local Waterstone’s today, and guess what? Every page has several photos of Tom and his amazing twink body. In fact there’s so much flesh on display in his book that I ended up feeling like a dirty old pedo as I innocently flicked through it. There are pics of diving Tom, posing Tom, underwater Tom, holiday Tom ….. all 99.9% shirtless. I’d say nobody would buy this to read Tom’s diving results from various comps. It’s one of the most amazing mainstream homoerotic droolfests I’ve ever seen!

  • Jason

    Looks like he’ll have some good chest fur when he stops swimming and then hopefully stops shaving.

  • Okcspooge

    My body looks just like Tom’s — in the proper light. He is tremendous, and I can’t wait for the Olympics.

  • Rupertbare

    I too, can hardly wait for the Olympics, for ALL the divers……so HOT!!!!!!!

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