Time for Some Blond Fur

Matt Barr Shirtless in Hatfields and McCoys

Here’s Matt Barr, which is basically Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale golden lovechild in History channel’s miniseries “The Hafields and McCoys” featuring his blond untamed chest – which apparently the most watched non-sports telecast in basic-cable history (thanks to the skin scenes, obviously). This came in via our reader David – who’s just twitching thinking about this week’s episode. Can’t blame him – I’m doing the same as I type now. Also it’s comforting to know that Kevin Costner still does A LOT to me. We can only hope for some skin in the second part of the series preferably with Bill Paxton and possibly Matt Barr thrown in the middle as well. I’m thinking a clothes-free guys-only hot springs scene. Welcome to the filthy dump that is my imagination!

Matt Barr Shirtless in Hatfields and McCoys

Matt Barr Shirtless in Hatfields and McCoys

Matt Barr Shirtless in Hatfields and McCoys

Matt Barr Shirtless in Hatfields and McCoys

Matt Barr Shirtless in Hatfields and McCoys

  • Mallory

    Nothing wrong with that. Not even a tiddly bit.

  • Josh

    GOOD CALL DAVID, AND SQUARE! I’m already obsessed, first time seeing him in anything. Never heard of him until now.

    This guy has been in my head since I first saw his character appear in episode 1 of this REALLY well done program. He is beautiful (to me anyway) Tall, lean, well muscled, handsome and the PERFECT amount of golden hair in all the right places. Chest, arms, face, pits, etc. When I saw him up close I couldn’t tell if he was smooth or had hair on his chest — and then the shirt came off and I was like, YES! (apparently, from Googling his images, he shaves it off in the modern day world….very sad)

    Episode 2 had a scene where he comes out of a cabin in defense mode, carrying a rifle and wearing only pajama bottoms or whatever they called sleeping pants back then …. fucking awesome view of his shirtless upper body and the pants riding very low on his hips… MAN!

    And I like that he’s just a man-whore going around sticking his dick in pretty much every female he can get his hands on — hot character indeed!

    I definitely want to try and make babies with this one, no doubt about that! We can try over and over and over and over. I can only imagine what it would be like to get a hold of him, now, then, whenever — HOT GUY!

    Thanks for the great screen caps!

  • Boris

    The hair on his chest looks like tiny specks of pure 24 kt GOLD! And I will always have a soft spot in my heart (and in my bed) blond hairy men.

  • sparks

    I’m not typically attracted to blondes (Cary Elwes was a BIG exception) but I adore a furry blond chest and Matt Barr is gorgeous. So yeah I’d do him. 😛

  • Mike

    As I was watching Hatfield & McCoys, I just KNEW he’d show up here on Squarehippies. You’re always on it, Square. Way to go!

  • michael

    nice guy, but…..what is he living in? a barn? its got gaping holes in the walls. looks very woodsy to me.

  • @Josh You’re very welcome!

    @michael careful, you’re talking about my bedroom here…

  • KarmaLysing

    Square, dammit, I’m at work!!! ^_^

    That said… JEEBUS TWINKIES!!!

    And to me he looks like Alex Skarsgard got in on the “love child” action as well…

  • Mckey

    Blonde body hair is so rare these days!Maybe because most of blonde guys love to shave their body hair.This guy has a really blonde body hair thus it’s making him a rare speciment! 🙂

  • DoverDavid

    Blonde n hairy, so illusive yet so appealing.

  • that is beautiful and delicious

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  • Steve

    Wow! . . . hmmm . . . so this is why everyone is watching that show. Guess I could call out sick and check it out, too. Yea, sick, that’ll work – – same as he would work . . . Phew . . .

  • Milton

    I’ve stated before on SH, that I prefer brunettes & red-heads. But Matt Barr(what a masculine name!) is one of those rare exceptions. Love that natural blondeness of his. Kinda rare in males these days. Plus, he’s got a sexy, lean body to go with that face & nice unruly top of hair.
    P.S. Put this in your adorkable category: There’s another actor in Hatfields & McCoys who, for me, has an uncoventional appeal. He’s a young Canadian actor named Noel Fisher. He plays the role of mentally-challenged Cotton Top Mounts.

  • lordy

    hot fuzzy blonde

  • John

    All i can say is WOW. need to take care of something now.

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  • Dee

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  • Christian

    Check out this beautiful man in Harpers Island tv show from last year. Cancelled after 13 episodes

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