Yes, There Will Be Shirtlessness in Skyfall

Daniel Craig Shirtless in Skyfall

From the look of this newly released teaser for the upcoming Bond flick “Skyfall”, there will be some Daniel Craig shirtlessness involved – and this confirms my strong dislike for backlighting. Still nothing compared to this. They seriously need to write a new-coming-out-of-the-water-in-his-speedos-scene, because it helps immensely with the storyline. A fact. It’s a little too early to speculate anyway, but until the film comes out in November, let’s just hope Mr. Bond walks into the light at some point so we can drool over him properly. Watch the teaser after the jump if you haven’t already.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

  • Mckey

    I love Daniel Craig!He is talented and sexy but I have to say he does not aging well!

  • Anne Noise

    Looks like a pretty good movie, but there’s no way they can top Casino Royale for ultimate sexiness. Those blue and black short shorts are legendary – oh to be a short upon that leg…

  • bo_s

    He makes my blood boils and my tummy tingles. He does things to my hormones.

  • Bro

    Yes please!

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