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Peter Calandra Shirtless

I always think candles are pretty useless apart from when you have a blackout (even then you can’t remember where you put those bloody things) until I saw this steamy pornotional promotional short “Il Palazzo” for John Saint-Denis candles, via Kenneth in the 212. If that piece of hairy beef comes gratis with purchase, I’ll have one in every scent. Screw that, I’ll order all the stock they have so you bitches can’t put your dirty paws on him. He has that face of someone who would never cheat on you, but the fact is he’ll be screwing anything that moves. The clip contains firm buttocks so proceed with caution and enough tissues. Oh and the name is Peter Calandra. You’re welcome.

Peter Calandra Shirtless

  • Mike

    So very tasty and tantalizing.
    Never a candle kind of guy before, but I’ll have to reconsider.

  • Jack

    Just an incredible bit of salesmanship. And the candles are nice too!! 😛

  • Taylor
    • @Taylor Where do I send my first born to?

  • excellent pecs and nipples. a stunning hot guy. 🙂

  • William

    Shared with friends on Facebook and email as “My Imaginary Life”. Thanks!

  • Ben

    I’d like a candle that smelt of HIM!

  • Sammy

    I’m in love. LOVE.

  • Bro


  • Stuart

    Some idiots are so hot that you’ll tolerate the fire code violations. The partner obviously ran out to buy smoke detectors and lube.

    • @William You’re very welcome!

      @Stuart LOL I think I will self lubricate for this one. Naturally.

  • Rupertbare

    I’d love to blow out his candle…… well as eat his arse…….

  • David Hollingsworth

    I think I just found my new love.

  • Mark

    The right amount of chest hair on a perky pecs with a pair of very gorgeous comesuckme nipples!!I just want to motorboat that pecs all day!!

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  • Chip Stroup

    How tall is he? How old?

  • Joey Lawrance

    He is arrogant and unapproachable. Whoring out is precisely what he does

  • lordy


  • John

    very hot now i have a woody

  • Willy

    oui, oui. But what’s with the credits at the end?

  • Garreth

    I waaaaant his candle!

  • shosho jones

    nice tits and nips, that’s about it (an dhe looks like he has a super small cock, too)

  • John

    Very hot guy. He can have his way with me.

  • David

    At least we know he showers before……

  • babyboy

    a ‘HAPPY MEAL”…. YUM!

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