A Gem From The 90s

Jack Scalia Shirtless

There were so many erotic thrillers in the 90s to be unearthed and carefully archived for our future generations, and that’s why we have guys like Capped to help. These skin caps are of Jack Scalia in “Beyond Suspicion” and he’s right up my greasy alley. I’m not familiar with him but looking at his IMDB page, he has done at least 3 erotic thrillers back to back in the mid 90s – “Shadow of Obsession” and “Tall, Dark and Deadly” to name a few which theoretically makes him my new favorite actor. What is Jack Scalia doing now? Four words – “Jersey Shore Shark Attack”. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Jack Scalia Shirtless

Jack Scalia Shirtless

Jack Scalia Shirtless

Jack Scalia Shirtless

  • Eric

    Loving the chest hair! So sexy!

  • Boris

    Those were the times, when men were allowed to LOOK like men (It’s coming back , I know)

  • Andy

    JS was a very handsome but rather vain hunk…

  • Mckey

    Just gorgeous!

  • Deets

    Jack Scalia was best known as a model before he got into acting. He had a very memorable series of underwear ads that were really hot. Sample seen below.


    (Scroll down)

    Jack was also a protege of Rock Hudson’s. Make of that what you will.

  • that’s a real man

  • kenbear

    Man, Jack would always make me jack when he was on TV. He’s definitely the epitome of DILF

  • babyboy

    A happy meal for the 90…

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