A Lifetime Softcore Motion Picture Event

You’ve probably seen these shots floating around the interwebs for the past couple of months, but since the Lifetime softcore reboot of “Blue Lagoon” will premiere later this week – I thought it would be nice to remind you of this young Australian mancake with scouse brows to match, Brenton Thwaites. They could at least respect the originals with primitive clothing but instead Brenton looks like an average jock on a summer break so it’s basically 90210 meets Love in the Wild. Why we should pay more attention to him? Well, he’ll play the young prince in much anticipated “Maleficent”. Not exactly Hemsworth or even Kwanten level as yet, but Brenton is on the right track. Watch the trailer for “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening” after the jump.

Brenton Thwaites Shirtless

Brenton Thwaites Shirtless

Brenton Thwaites Shirtless

  • ew

    If anyone likes Skins (not the horrible Canadian version), they should check out Brenton’s short-lived Aussie show SLiDE. It was basically a more lighthearted Skins. He’s a cutie pie that looks younger than his age.

  • JAF

    If an article I saw in People is to be believed, this is not so much a softcore as a “no-core”. You can expect to see him semi-nude but they’re supposed to be totally downplaying any sex scenes, even as much of a sex scene as you’d get on Lifetime.

  • Christopher

    Brenton T. is hunkaliciously gorgeous in a very A&F way. but and
    you know there’s always a but. i bet the film can be shown on the
    Disney Channel. so for the title of this post to include the term
    “soft-core” is quite misleading. also what does semi-nude mean?
    either you nude or you;re not. in terms of sex/nudity the t.v. flick
    wouldn’t go any further than a CW series.

  • sparks

    LOL I’ve gotta agree with Christopher on the semi-nude thing.

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