At Last, Some Skin on Men’s Health Cover

Half shirtless actually but this is progress. It’s not even July, but we are blessed by these scans by Boyculture from August issue of Men’s Health spread “Gold Medal Secrets of the Olympians” featuring Ryan Lochte on the cover. Not entirely shirtless of course because you know it will freak the straight dudes out. This spread is hot in general, but the shot of rower Giuseppe Lanzone does the most to me. He looks Kwanten-ish here but with extra shot of testosterone which is always good thing.

Giuseppe Lanzone Shirtless in Men's Heath Magazine

Ryan Lochte Shirtless in Men's Heath Magazine

These are shot by photographer Peter Yang and upon further investigation, my ass stumbled upon this adorable shot of mah husband looking you know, adorable and shit.

Jason Sudeikis shot by Peter Yang

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