Beau, Please

After being morning wooded by the scruffy deliciousness of Steve Carell, I have to apologize for the astronomical amount of epilation in this post. Beau Mirchoff has all the potential in the world to become something glorious – but to cater for the fur-resistant young adult market they have to soak him in a tub of Nair overnight for another season of “Awkward”. Still cute as fuck though.

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless in Awkward

Beau Mirchoff in Awkward

Hey at least they didn’t shave his arms, right?

  • Mallory

    Yeah it’s a shame he’s shaved like a wax doll but, he’s still too cute for me to complain too much. Always though Beau was cute as hell. All of his body hair gone is a little too much, they need to at least keep a little……

  • Matt

    He does look a lot different than his Desperate Housewives days but those huge nipples are still as hot as before!

  • Christopher

    i second Matt’s comment about Beau’s huge hot nipples. 🙂

  • Ron

    Looked up pix of Beau au naturel — much better looking chest than the over-waxed look he sports here.

  • Eric

    Well damn, that sucks that he has shaved his chest. I remember his Desperate Housewives days. He didn’t have a whole lot of chest hair, but had a tiny little bit. Why didn’t he just keep it? He is still sexy as hell, though. Even though he doesn’t have chest hair anymore, he still has those big, brown nipples! Just looking at them makes me hard! lol

  • ew

    He is playing a teen after all. Most of the guys I went to school with didn’t have full on hairy chests except for the few guys who were abnormally hairy for that age. Then again, with all the GMOs and what not in food nowadays, kids probably mature faster than ever.

    Anyway, Beau is cute, but these photos aren’t. Especially the haircut – yuck.

  • joe

    hairy or not, I’d take it. it’s funny that MTV makes him shave, but not that Disney movie he was in (I Am Number Four)

  • Eric

    I guess it kind of makes sense that MTV would make him shave because he is playing a teenager in the show, but honestly, the guy friends that I have that have chest hair, they got the majority of it (if not all of it) while they were in high school. So I can sort of understand, but at the same time, I don’t. Oh well, though. He is still hot. lol

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  • Smoother

    Did anyone see the episode. He had a shirtless scene and you could see the stubble from being shaved on his chest. And, if they are going to shave his chest, they should shave his arms too. The half way shaved thing looked silly.

  • Josh

    @Smoother: I saw the episode and I noticed the stubble on his chest too. I honestly just don’t understand why he needs to shave his chest in the first place. It’s not uncommon for teenage guys in high school to have chest hair. High school is when the majority of your body hair grows in. But at least he has some good pits! lol He has some full, hairy armpits, which are so sexy!

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