Chris Pine in This Means War

Chris Pine Shirtless in This Means War

This Means War” might be a rom-com with a twist, but I think I’m more than over with the genre. By over I meant over actually watching it – not capping them hunks thank goodness for that. I guess the only good thing that comes out from this mess is Chris Pine’s brief shirtless scene. They could have exploited Tom Hardy at least a little but they didn’t. Shame. Thanks to J for the tip!

Chris Pine Shirtless in This Means War

Chris Pine Shirtless in This Means War

Chris Pine in This Means War

  • Daz

    aye aye captain!!! I’ll take care of your warp core anytime!!!

  • Tom

    Didn’t see the movie. Heard it was stupid. But God that man is hot!

  • Spearo25

    Yeah, movie was sorta lame, but totally worth the eye candy! Had to make sure Square was the first to post the yummy shirtlessness!!! Thanks, as always, Square!


  • scarreduser

    And STILL with the manscaping .. What a waste

  • i saw film in theaters when it opened and enjoyed it as a
    silly entertaining popcorn movie. it didn’t hurt that it co-starred
    two hunks Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. a interesting side note.
    in the review in the New York Post the critic said it would have
    helped if the director had given either hunk a shirtless
    scene. i would say the above extended scene with Pine
    was a rather nice shirtless scene. obvious the critic for
    the Post saw a different print than moviegoers did.

    also in the print i saw it was quite clear Pine hadn’t “manscaped”
    his chest. that sexy dusting of chest hair was quite clear.

  • Mallory

    I have seen him on shows and hes way too California for me, BUT, just for a quick f***, or even a long one…..he can order me around for a while. Good looking man right there.

  • Michael Wisper

    Those eyes! Just like the Hemsworth boys and Chris O’Donnell, ice blue and madly sexy! They all manage to have great lips too…not to mention bods! O’?Donnell’s about 42 now and still has that boyish yet yummy look.

  • Jermaine Ferguson

    Too bad he wasn’t riding Tom Hardy shirtless in the film.

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