Final Nail in the Coffin: Matt Bomer in a Thong

Matt Bomer Shirtless in a Thong in Magic Mike

There is a whole lot of asses on display in these newly released UK red band trailer and TV spot for “Magic Mike” (via Digital Spy) so proceed with caution and plenty of tissues. I’m talking boxes here. Perhaps we all should wear some sort of protection to the cinema in the risk of getting pregnant from watching the film. Wait, I kind of want Bomer’s baby so it’s fine. Again, this post contains Bomer’s beautiful buttocks – be warned.

Joe Manganiello Shirtless in Magic Mike

Magic Mike Red Band Trailer

  • KarmaLysing

    … Because, you know, none of us had any plans… ANY. PLANS. about seeing this movie before now… Snerk.

  • Hodges

    Sweet mother of god, thank you for creating Matt Bomer!

  • Zac

    @KarmaLysing – I actually have been waiting a long time to see this movie. Anything with Joe and Matt together will instantly have my attention.

  • BADKarma

    Zac, that was sarcasm, honey.

  • John

    This Bomer fellow is one of the most repulsive hairless male specamins I have ever seen. His “fade away” facial hair creeps me out..the man couldn’t grow a beard if his life depended on it since he has just a few sprigs that make him just look plain old dirty, not sexy. The total lack of body hair makes me think he is a female, or an 11 year old boy. Something really sick about that. YUCK. I want a MAN! What is this trend when men leave a bit of facial hair/scruff, but SHAVE their bodies?? Hair = masculinity. Period

  • sparks

    I’ll wait and buy the disc so I can slo-mo and freeze frame the interesting bits.. like the ones with Bomer in them.

  • Zac

    @KarmaLysing – I realized it as soon as I hit the Submit Comment button. Epic fail on my part.

  • Mckey

    It’s a softcore porn eventhough the casts won’t admit it!Matt Bomer,you have just ruined Neil Caffrey persona with that thong!

  • the better half

    Matt is complete perfection.

  • sparks

    I normally prefer natural fur on guys but Matt is just gorgeous all the way down from those pretty eyes and perfect facial lines. And there is nothing 11-year old about THAT body.

    John sounds a bit jealous. Probably has a back harrier than an orangutan.

  • John

    The word is spelled HAIRIER: not HARRIER! Any credibility you might have had just disappeared with that stupid spelling mistake. Go back to fourth grade. You tried to insult me,and it backfired on you with your spelling mistake, you moron!

  • Bro

    Definitely want to see this. Most for Joe Manganiello though.

  • Michael

    John->Sparks made a spelling mistake. You are still acting like a bitter, aging queen that can only derive satisfaction with your life by degrading, complaining about and trashing other people. That mirror you are afraid to look into…that is your real enemy.

  • Christopher

    since it’s specified this is from the UK red band trailer is that
    implying a different edit of the film will be released in the UK
    than in the U.S.?

    • @Christopher I hope not! I’m so looking forward to the deleted scenes, the making and other bonus features on Blu-ray though.

  • sparks

    OH NO!! Called out for a spelling mistake?! I guess a single typo invalidates the truth of what I said about John’s jealousy and unsightly back hair! heh.

    John you’re a lonely wretched little man.

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  • Chuck

    Uh.. speaking of spelling mistakes, John, perhaps you can tell us what a specamin is?

  • Mark

    John may be near-illiterate, but he’s also right. From the neck down, Bomer’s a zero. There are hundreds of thousand of his hairless clones in gyms right now. Seen one, seen ’em all.

  • the better half

    John is a tool and Mark, really, a zero? LOL. I go to one of the biggest gyms in Chelsea where beauty is bountiful but few look as good as Matt. Physical appearances are judged from a total package perspective and Matt is likely one of the finest human specimens alive, no debate for those that are not vision impaired or don’t have axes to grind.

  • John

    Very Hot. Hooked on him since his stint on Guiding Light

  • JD

    Square I know you’re a busy guy and it’s your site and all, but is there any way to remove and then maybe ban the bitches who do just that, bitch and moan and have nothing relevant to say regarding the post? It’s so tiring seeing the back and forth pissing and moaning over spelling or a difference of opinion and jumping someone because they don’t like the guy in the post or how he looks.

    I’ve been drawn into it a couple of times myself, so I’m not totally innocent, but really , just look at the mess that is going on above —- Maybe a TOS or whatever agreement before letting people post and then you can just ban them permanently.

    The petty bitching and pissing and moaning and fighting back and forth just makes the site look bad. Hate to see that kind of triviality taking place here.

  • romina

    McConaughey is DISGUSTING; he was okay at first because his personality was unique back then, but makes me vomit. Pettyfer is perfection. Joe Manganiello is very sexy, but way too muscular for my taste. Bomer is gorgeous.

  • Matt Bomer looks sexy in a thong

    I just have to watch Magic Mike when it comes on DVD.

  • He is such a hot daddy!!

  • george adamchik

    nice kid

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