Gareth Thomas’s Body is Ready

You know what, I don’t even like tattoos but with this level of hotness who cares about shit like that anymore! Retired gay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas or lustingly known as Alfie on the cover of Attitude magazine is all kinds of YASSS. The annual naked spread is helping to raise awareness of the National AIDS Trust HIV testing campaign. He’s giving the ‘my body is ready’ pose on the June issue and successfully raised my awareness as I type this. So long, underwear…

Gareth Thomas Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

Gareth Thomas Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

Of course, you’ll need this.

Gareth Thomas Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

And also, can we please make this happen. NOW.

Gareth Thomas and Nick Youngquest Shirtless

So long, another pair of underwear…

  • Anne Noise

    Holy shit he’s hot. I can take or leave tattoos, but his are fine, just like him!

  • lankyguy

    There is nothing about these photos that I do not like, including the tatts.

  • Ryan

    I emm, emm, eh… yeah… *drool*

  • arkcub

    He’s hot but there’s something I can’t quite pinpoint that doesn’t make him “OMFG!” hot, at least to me. Now the dude in the blue trunks in the last picture… Now THAT’S OMFG hot! : )

  • Mark

    I love Gareth Thomas!I think he’s natural and just a beautiful man in and out!He’s also very humble.He is the kinda guy that you can easily falling for and still be sucured with unlike manwhores from Magic Mike!You just wanna fuck them and let them go cause you know that they’re belong out there in the wild.Lol!

  • Bro

    He is amazing! So hot!

  • Joe

    “So long, another pair of underwear…” hahaha
    Gareth+Nick is the ultimate dream. good to see that body hair growing back.


  • rodthehorny

    okay gimme some of that please and make it big one :))

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  • adam

    sufficive to say…. oh…. my…… god….

  • NameCheck Please!

    WHO is that hotty on the right in the bottom picture? I am DYING to know! Thanks in advance!

  • Steve

    The guy in blue shorts is Nick Youngquest. An Australian straight rugby player.

  • pje821

    Except for the awful tattoos, he’s stunning.

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