Here’s Something to Cure Your Silver Deficiency

Brian Paddick

My ass is steering away from politics as far as possible because this is supposed to be a fun joint, but there are times when one just cannot help but feature some deliciousness that comes out of it. If the US has Anderson Cooper, the UK has Brian Paddick. Although he’s married to his Norwegian boytoy partner and The London Mayoral Election is over – Brian, I still vote you in my dreams, many times. This post contains a long shot of a pair of mature buttocks belonging to a British silver fox – so be warned (it was on The Telegraph so I guess it’s worksafe-ish?).

Brian Paddick

Brian Paddick Shirtless

Brian Paddick

Brian Paddick

  • eagander

    Handsome guy, and yeah, nice ass!

  • Todd R

    I would be his boy toy.

  • lordy

    poo, can’t see his silver ding-a-ling

  • rodthehorny

    why hide that penis????? blah!

  • Tom

    God that man just exudes sex!

  • グッチ サングラス


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